Lara Schenck: "is Css A Programming Language?"

The more we can diversify what we call a programming language and what we consider part of computer science I think the more that can lend to other areas in the field so I want to just close with a mention of this talk by someone in Philly and who’s a.

Dutch researcher and she has this talk called what is programming anyway and I was.

Watching this sounds like oh my god like hell yes this is so right on so she talks.

About how a while back she did a project where she was doing research about domain-specific languages and she realized she kind of set out on this mission to write a domain-specific language for finance and then she really it’s like no they don’t need a domain-specific language like people are programming they’re writing code like they’re using spreadsheets and they’re writing programs themselves and so she presented this.

To the community like the tech community and people really that’s not real programming though like no it’s like what what is wrong like what’s going on in our community that.

People are like hey I’m really excited about this thing like this can be programming and everybody’s like it’s not real but what’s going on so hurt she’s so great in her talk I really recommend watching it um but then she went on on to talk about working with children and how when we draw this parallel between programming and math and logic and engineering what we’re.

Really doing is we’re assigning these metaphors to what programming is because although we call it engineering it’s very different.

To like engineer software than it is engineer a bringe and that’s what traditionally engineering is so when we say engineering we’re really assigning a metaphor to what programming is and so in her talk she.

Talked about how this is really exclusionary can be can really exclude people who are like Oh Matt like me I was an art major I was like Matt like no no thank you no math no logic I’m good but there’s so much more to programming than these maps and scientists so her thought.

It was we cook all programming writing so there’s another as another metaphor for how we write programs because they’re ultimately taking disparate pieces and then forming them into ideas so I highly recommend watching that talk and.

She had these same like fun hand-drawn slides as me and I was like oh my god this is amazing so anyways this was a little I like drawing these little monsters too so thank you all very much.

And at this at this URL this is a 10.

Min abridged version of a longer talk that I did for a CSS conf and at this URL there’s a ton of resources and things about learning about computer science and kind of browser mechanics so recommend checking that out if you’re.

Interested thank you the point images oh yeah oh yeah um it’s on YouTube now if you just look up well it probably if you look up Laura algorithms it would come up but you called the algorithms of CSS and so.

Some of the same topics here but um talk yeah this is so cool everyone just saying but like writing when you can like we can we write our own algorithms in CSS – like declarative algorithms that are kind of these really elegant combinations of styles and but on YouTube so if you.

Look up algorithms of CSS oh yeah oh my gosh thank you for so I’m also talking @j SLE this week on Thursday that’s going to be handed a second version of.

The algorithms of CSS talks a little longer some of the same stuff here but getting more into writing algorithms and what the algorithms and the browser look like so thank you for that.


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