Lara Schenck: "is Css A Programming Language?"

Okay everybody how’s it going oh this is exciting blossom I love coding mucus coating and community perfect um so hello my name is Laura shank la RA la Jara very important um twitter handle obligatory um and like in my wonderful intro and my wordpress and front-end developer CSS has really become like my specialty over the last year or.

So and I also love teaching so I love kind of sharing what I know especially at meetups and environments like this so I kind of started on my career as a web developer I’m self-taught I have.

An art background and CSS and HTML where languages that I immediately took too quickly because you can kind of see visuals results really quickly um and then about I guess almost yeah well last December so I ended up getting this whiteboarding interview and one of the big tech companies and I was like oh I gotta learn computer science like I have these algorithms interviews like merge sort bubble sort all this stuff that I had I mean probably wouldn’t.

Do bubble sort in the interview but there were all these concepts that I just didn’t necessarily encounter as a self-taught front-end developer until I kind of set out on this mission to bridge the.

Gap between CSS and computer science and so I was like okay I’m writing code when I write CSS and I love all this computer science up and it’s code like there has to be some overlap here why are these two things so separate in my mind so I started out my research what question is CSS a programming language and I’ll follow that up with a little fire.

Emoji because this is kind of.

Like I think really fascinating bias and like phenomenon especially in the front-end community now it’s like kind of uh crapping on CSS a little bit I was like oh not a real language or it’s like a faulted language.

Language and so I was like what’s going on you’re like what is going on so I asked this question on Twitter and the.

Responses were varied 42% said yes CSS is a programming language 50% said no and 8% said I’m not sure so like okay let’s stop for a second and think about what is a programming language how many of you.

Have thought about this before like what like what constitutes a programming language okay.

Few people um there’s a whole like topic of study about this like programming language theory that I think I find very fascinating and CSS absolutely fits into that any code you write fits into that because the definition for a programming language is a language of instructions for a computer and this is.

A incredibly vague definition because there are many many types of programming languages and of course paraphrase from Wikipedia and others but I was really unable to find a definition that singled out a certain type of language or made something like CSS not a programming language so there are.

Umbrella programming paradigms when it comes to languages so you have imperative languages that instruct a computer how to do things and you’ve declared in languages that instruct.

A computer what to do and these programming paradigms are.

Kind of models for writing programs in general they’re not specific characteristics per se but you.


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