Mark Lassoff : What Are The Main Differences Between Different Programming Languages And From…

Of other functions so we’ve really enjoyed using press over the last three years which language.

You prefer from all the ones that you mentioned I like which is which is used for what it’s one of the few kind of.

General-purpose languages it can be used with websites it can be used to create games but it’s just really clear and really easy for beginners to wrap their mind around which is why I like to use it it’s it’s real specialty is working with data and being able to parse data quickly because it is a fairly fast language and kind of lean language but right now that’s that’s my favorite if you ask.

Me here in six months I may be on to something else how difficult is to shift the code of the day an iOS app to make it work on Mac never done mac programming but because the environment is common between iOS and Mac is it’s probably somewhat difficult but not as difficult for example is going from iOS to Android where the language.

Is totally different what what entrepreneurs you think you should they should learn to be able to control their developers especially now everything is going digital all of them have developers and and they speak.

Different languages and in terms of I mean code decoding languages and so what they should learn to be able at least to control those developers so they should just hire somebody a little controversial I don’t think a non-technical.

Person is capable of doing a technical startup or technical entrepreneurship without a technical co-founder it just so.

Rarely works because you have to understand that the software development process the program in the process one of the reasons I think the failure rate for new entrepreneurs is so I is people go into something that they’re not qualified to.

Do you know I was a programmer so I’m starting to startup that about programming and teaching I had that backgrounds you know we had we just at Startup Weekend in Hartford and I was a mentor and coach for Startup Weekend where people start a business in 54 hours and you know one of the things that was nice was like we.

Had teachers starting educational startups so they understood that space you just cuz you have a dream and you think it could be a good idea doesn’t mean you have the background to.

Do that or do it well choose a startup in your area of expertise you know you know food do food startup you know if you know software do a.

Software startup or find a partner who knows the technical space working with programmers is difficult because they speak their own language they have their own literally they have their.

Own languages they have their own techniques and by personality they tend not to be the easiest person to work with so partner someone understands that world you can get the ideas implemented well but all about the outsourcing world like now I am NOT I’ve never been a coder I don’t know wrote but I developed many apps many websites through experimenting of course with with the.

Time you can tell that this is a good core let’s say developer or know maybe from their previous work or ratings and projects but still not necessarily they will be able to develop.


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