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The 70s and is still used so C and C++ as time went on you saw some basic programming which is beginners all-purpose symbolic instruction code that was common a lot of the home computers.

And then as the 90s developed on Pascal became a language that was used frequently Pascal is all but disappeared at this point and replaced by Java and in about 1996-97 with the web coming to be then all sorts of web based languages were instant instituted like the HTML the PHP the JavaScript so during.

That period you saw a lot of new languages as.

People were trying to figure out how to best harness this technology so Perl was a language from that era that was very common and is now really falling into disfavor as the 2000s started Microsoft got its act together with family of languages which are geared specifically towards Windows and those became.

Very common in business environments alongside with Java and now you’re starting to see a move towards Ruby Ruby on Rails swift’s etc and kind of languages becoming optimized for the environments in which they work some languages that are used more with mobile I.

Usually use more with the web shoosh emergency specialization of languages more than ever before.

And there’s always in languages come Google’s go languages is is coming out now so there’s always new ones coming up as well some of which will be adopted and some of which will be failures as time marches on I expect much of the same some languages will stay with.

Us for a long long time some will become very popular very quickly and then disappear and then we’ll have new ones that’ll stay with us you know for a long period as you know systems are written in them and.

You know it’s important to know about the growth of different languages it’s not necessarily the best language that grows and sticks around it’s often the best marketed language which unfortunately isn’t it doesn’t mean that it’s the best solution what does a SP a SP is a Microsoft technology designed to similarly.

The PHP to communicate between the server and webpages what is the difference between Joomla.

And WordPress both are content management systems WordPress started is only a blogging platform and is now developed into a full-fledged content management system Joomla has always been a content management system a little not quite as popular as WordPress it’s still popular both our modularized where you can get different modules to do different things for example if you want a Contact Us page there are modules that do that for you and the idea is they let you.

Create a basic web application and change the content easily without being a programmer both are really good choices any other choices and which one you prefer the most our Drupal is another one dr UPA out Drupal would be the main competitor.

Of Joomla there’s very very similar they have many of the same functions I don’t necessarily one is better than the other I’ll tell you that we use WordPress we really enjoy it and we really like the number of modules that are written for it that can be really powerful for marketing or for user management there are all sorts.


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