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Time you change one of those parameters that for your search you’d have to go back and reload the whole page and display a whole new set of results but now with ajax that communication that’s happening behind the scenes so you can for example change i.

Don’t want to fly in the morning i want to fly in the afternoon make that change and get a new resultset without the whole entire page having to.

Be refreshed and redrawn so Ajax is the enabler of that technology.

And it’s something that’s important for use for developers to understand so it’s also involved with the design and connected with the server as well at the same time so how different is it from the.

PHP and my school and then plays English and it’s.

Code so it serves a different purpose than PHP in my sequel although it may communicate with PHP in my sequel it’s really an intermediate layer of code that’s used for communication or PHP and my.

Stays behind the scenes of the server how about C++ and C programming languages those are older languages that are still commonly used C++ is a superset of C and then all of C is included in C++ and the places where it’s most used are places which speed is really really important earlier I talked about how the older languages were closer to the processor there was less abstraction and due to that they’re faster so C++ you’ve seen things like console video.

Games or financial applications trading applications where speed is required so you know where you see C and C++ now is in a more specialized area where speed is really critical so it’s good for speed very good and you don’t think it’s not gonna be vanishing.

With another one for specificity completely vanishing I think as time marches on naturally there’s gonna be a tendency to move towards newer languages but due to the amount of code that’s already written in C++ that’s out there I think C++ programmers very busy for a long time to come because all that code needs to be maintained and the process of replacing it.

Do so it’s gonna be around for a while cobalt Ruby rubies is one of the newer languages and with the rounds framework it’s been lauded as you know game-changing for web development so the city I don’t know ruby myself what I observed about ruby is everyone who learns it and uses it really likes it it’s just for was got I’m sorry it’s used for what web development developing web applications okay and everyone who uses it really.

Likes it but it’s use I think is not as pervasive as people think it is so if you do a ruby app you may have time you may have difficulty finding developers to maintain it and if you learn.

Ruby you may find you actually a fewer opportunities and you thought you would because there aren’t as many systems written in it so is it’s replacing HTML it’s not replace HTML works with HT yeah.

I mean it’s equivalent to it it’s actually whatever goes with HTML you can build with a Ruby like.

It out just the browser only understands HTML and JavaScript so those aren’t going away anytime soon what Ruby does like PHP is it provides a framework for producing HTML and JavaScript so it doesn’t really replace it but it uses it I know this is getting kind of in the weeds here but yeah it’s they work together where Ruby.

Would kind of replace a language it would replace something.

Like PHP or dotnet how about nodejs know that jess is interesting it’s another language I’m not that familiar with but basically what it does is it takes JavaScript and it expands its utility to the server side and even to the desktop where you can run JavaScript programs in other environments than the browser what does JIT hub give up okay github is a github code repository that allows you to store and.

Share your code socially so if you’re writing code you want to.

Share it even just among a team or you want to share it with the walls at large you can go to github and store your code there.

Also version your codes you can kind of roll back if you make a mistake and it’s a safe place to keep your codes with your computer crashes you still have all.

Your code on github you can share it with your friends your friends or others can modify the code if they need to and create what’s called a fork and kind of a new version of the code moving in a different direction it’s also a good way to organize projects that have a lot of developers working on them to make sure – people aren’t working on the same thing at once inadvertently creating two versions of the same code block is Mac code like the programs.

Program for Mac is the same like they use the rule before it Mac programs generally right now are being done an objective-c or Swift Mac is a closed environment so you don’t have a choice as far as what you use you have to use the tools that Apple wants you to and right now the most common.

Those are the Objective C and Swift okay and the iOS is for done by rubian and Android by JavaScript okay so Java is used for Android okay Java and JavaScript are different javascript is runs in the browser job as a full programming language those are for Android and this hold on a second Java Script is for web development and Java for the apps for Android yep Java is used for.

Android and Java JavaScript runs within a web browser okay so there are.

Different differences different applications for the different languages is learning Photoshop is a must for any coder now I’m about as artistic as as.

A piece of wood so a lot of teams have a designer who can handle the Photoshop duties it’s good to understand the basics of Photoshop I recommend it.

For everyone because you gotta have to understand how pixels work on a screen so it’s a good exercise and also being able to do some basic photoshop is always beneficial it’s not an absolute requirement for programmers but you know it’s one of the many skills that’s really good to know and handy to have as you become a developer if you can you take us through the timeline of the languages since the 80s.

Till now which one is the most let’s say that the important ones and you.

Take us through it yeah so if you go back to the eighties C and C++ were dominant and it still exists still no they still exist yeah see.


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