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That’s a really common one and that’s why we teach it there’s loads of sites written in PHP and we want our students have the most opportunities and.

PHP well though there’s other languages that are important to learn as well what does this whiffed language Swift is.

A new language from Apple and is designed to gradually replace objective-c.

Which is the language of iOS apps are written in iPad iPhone so Swift is a little bit of an easier language it is since the beginning when they launched the first iPhone or I like you know Apple Store or iPad they’ve been using this the Swift or they know they’ve been.

Using objective-c okay with is a new language that just came out recent days that is is eustress so Swift is a replacement for objective-c so new developers would want to learn Swift cuz that’s kind of.

A language of the future for iOS Objective C is what’s been done in the past instructive see.

It’s a little more complicated and verbose than than Swift so it’s Swift came with the iOS 8 correct okay and how difficult is it like it’s easier than the previous one to make the job.

Easier for the developers you think like with the years the languages is becoming easier for the developers yeah yeah I think is easier Swift has a number of features that make it both powerful for experienced developers and easier for new developers I really like Swift I actually we finished our first Swift course here just a couple of weeks ago and right now at the top Swift.

Book on Amazon called Swift language fundamentals the language of iOS development so that’s right now number one on Amazon in its category for mobile app development.

And we’ve been really excited about the response but it’s it’s pretty easy to learn the books only about 250 pages you compare that to our PHP book our PHP books almost 600 pages so we’re able to explain everything in a lot less space good switch people.

Started more quickly so how different Swift from the previous one in terms of percentage 20% 30% advanced different that’s a good question maybe 30 percent 30 40 %.

It’s a different type of language that requires less code it’s a little cleaner and I think it’s gonna be more familiar to people who’ve used other languages like JavaScript or C++ it just looks and feels more.

Familiar to most to most developers who haven’t had any exposure to objective-c.

Or having to do you know a lot of individual memory management’s with active directly memory manage the memory it’s assigned to their program Swift eliminates all that that’s all abstracted away and that’s one of the major reasons that it’s easier to work with you don’t.

Have to deal with the computer’s memory it’s all automatic hobo a ga X Ajax X.

How you call it ajax ajax ajax isn’t a.

Language ajax is a technique that’s used to communicate with a server from a web browser without the user or seeing a change to the page so a good example probably everyone at some point who’s listening to this has priced.

Out airplane tickets or train tickets online or something like that so when you do you know you choose a date from a time well it used to be every.


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