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Here in the u. $150,000 to pursue that route so if you don’t plenty of people are self-taught or learn online and do just fine that’s generally a quicker path but you have to be more self-motivated you have to be more disciplined it’s a lot less expensive and it can get you into the workforce quickly but what you lose is that whole context that.

Education gives you so I want to say one is better than the other but the reality of the situation is if you’ve already gone to college once or you’re working and have a family then it’s difficult to go back to college and get a four-year degree so we have people in our program who range from moms who you know.

Work during the day and after their kids go to sleep check the courses online to you know gentlemen who really have been intact what their skills have atrophied and now they need to catch up to children.

Actually who want to get ahead.

Of the courses they can take in a school by taking our courses so it really ranges who’s in online courses where university courses tend to be more you know kind of that younger demographic who’s you before starting their career so I would say one is better than the other.

But it’s just depends on where you are and what stage in life and what your needs are and how you can best learn given your situation resources but do you think that companies still value more they certificate from the University or they just do test for those code programmers and maybe they hire people who never been in the university how do you see that both philosophies exists some of the best programmers.

I know are self-taught some companies want to see a degree.

Regardless but there are so.

Many opportunities now in science technology engineering and mathematical professions that really need everybody and you know not all programming requires a computer scientists to develop a basic webpage and code that is a less complex.

Affair then for example coding you know drivers for peripherals that requires knowledge of.

They’re very micro code and very very small amounts of memory that’s a lot more specialized requires a lot more skill should form there’s kind of an array of jobs for an array.

Of skill sets and where companies look down or much sometimes might look down.

On somebody who’s self talk doesn’t have a degree or learned.

Online a lot of the opportunities are in short-term contracts and in freelance work because we need those people to and and then all the times like freelance no one asks if or where my degree was from it was much more important do you have the skills and when I was hiring programmers myself back.

In Austin Texas most recently for a company called Network logistic in the in the mid-2000s I didn’t look at where someone had gone to school we provided a basic you know skills a skills assessment and either you have.

The skills and experience or you didn’t and beyond that if you have the skills and.

We’re qualified we were gonna hire you if.

You have a degree in English or no degree at all how to become a certified web developer so in our program there’s two levels at the basic level there’s three courses then your study for an exam it’s administered online you pass the exam you become certified at the level one level two there’s four courses you study those go through the exercises do all the labs and again study for a second exam and that’s really designed at that point you’re really at the entry level for a web development.

Service-oriented architecture you know how to.

Make HTML skeleton the HTML skeleton and JavaScript it’s a good program and it can take people you know several months to get through everything and get certified but we have had a number of students have been certified and gone on to freelance or have gone on to actual jobs as web developers.

Some of Municipalities some small companies is that as a way or method to like make your company accredited like a university or do you have that or like you know certifications are really just that you know anybody in certain employers like to see the paper but they don’t look at this because that much yeah right you know so we when we certify someone we also arm them.

With some you know material about what the certification included you know what.

They learn etc so that employer some of you with the certification is there is no nationally recognized certification and web development certifications tend to be proprietary and sponsored by a company there’s a Microsoft series of certifications that frankly can be quite.

Lucrative but they’re not really web development certifications and they’re keep you.

Within that Microsoft ecosystem which is fine if that’s what you want to do but also limiting in some ways in cisco has a series of certifications on its hardware so you.

Know when it comes to certifications i don’t tell anybody our certification is world recognized and we’ll you know kick open doors for you but what it does do is it.

Proves that you know what you’ve learned that you pass an exam you’ve taken a couple of courses and that provide information about the languages you completed lab exercises and the exam is kind of your proof that hey I took this I understand it and now I’m ready to work okay let’s go deeper into the languages what does a HTML and CSS and for.

What it’s it’s used sure HTML stands for hypertext markup language it is the skeleton.

Of anything that’s delivered through a web browser so it provides the four denoting the purpose of individual items of content so if you have a picture that’s surrounded by an image tag if.

You have text we have paragraph Thanks article tag section tags which are part of the HTML language and the idea is you can take content.

Denote the purpose of the individual context elements and then use CSS cascading style sheets to style those elements for the particular screen environment.

In which your code is gonna be displayed so you might have a set of CSS for mobile you might have a CSS for laptop or desktop content and another set of CSS for picking things out like a book so the CSS is like the concept or structure and then you put your full in it the HTML s in different places based on the design of the structure that you have the HTML provides.

The structure the CSS provides the design and layout ok what’s the difference between HTML and HTML let’s say four or five not as much as people think html5 is the next version of HTML most of HTML 4 is completely valid in the HTML 5 environment HTML 5 adds several things including audio and video access so you can directly put audio and video on a web page it also includes a number of what are called api’s to.

Access through JavaScript programming different aspects of the browser such as geolocation so the browser can tell where it is so html5 is an advancement in HTML that allows for more powerful websites and mobile applications that are written in.

That language how about PHP and why squill so PHP is a server language so you have the browser when which.

Using to view a website web application or possibly a mobile app but then you have the server that is sending the information through the Internet to.

That user so sometimes we have to write server-side code in PHP for more heavy lifting for example interacting in an e-commerce site with.

Inventory or on a travel site looking up the availability on different flights my sequel works with PHP is a database to store information and organize if you’re not familiar with databases think of it as a file drawer organized into different files and folders and then information in different rows and columns that you.

Can look up so you might use for example you might have a user fill in a form on a website that form is designed in HTML with CSS and then when they click send that information is processed on the server with PHP and then my sequel is used to store the data in a database so PHP is like the connection between let’s say the hosting and.

The server and and your website and your website will include HTML HTML and CSS and also PHP is like the method to translate the language into the server to talk to the server actually PHP when it processes actually produces.

Oftentimes HTML that’s displayed in the browser.

So PHP might send you HTML back in order for that to be displayed in the browser and my school is is like CMS but for the PHP like CMS for the HTML but it’s my sequel’s for the ph my sequel is the first of all my.

Sequel is a database product so it is a type of database just like Microsoft makes a database product and Oracle makes a database product my sequel is a database product actually owned by Oracle that’s used to store data in an organized fashion so it’s basically allows you to store rows and columns of data but also allows you to create relationships between.

That data that can make the data a little more organized and easier to search and index so those languages.

Like use with WordPress Joomla and what else and and with everything.

Or can you can explain to us these are used with commercial sites like Facebook behind the scenes you don’t see.

That as a user just operating on their server but Facebook and on all of them have some PHP and use a number of different types of databases well it’s other options besides PHP but.


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