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One banks a different kind of philosophy that arcs across the different types of language but so they protected like if I find kind of finder found a way to develop this language that’s owned by Microsoft then I have to change a little bit in the code and then call it a different language name and I give it a different name you don’t.

Have access to the core files to be able to do that okay you only have access to the end results of those files which.

Is the language which is how you can better communicate with core that’s all proprietary and owned by Microsoft so if you did that one you’d be breaking a number of international laws and and two you know Microsoft who just doesn’t allow it because this is their technologies they’ve invested hundreds of millions of dollars in developing.

The rights to so to simplify it like I understand somehow a little bit of WordPress so it’s like they don’t give you the access to that to the to the language to the text and have the XS only to the visuals to play with it WordPress itself is open-source so a lot people.

Develop for WordPress you know WordPress I’m not sure how the ownership of WordPress works or how it’s how its licensed but that’s in a kind of an.

Example of the open-source world and generally these open-source products are free the others generally not always come with a cost associated with them but the thing about open-source products is because the community is contributing to the overall core you may find those advanced with the needs of technology kind of like JavaScript chance so in this CEO of different languages as a like absolutely new beginner what should I.

Learn from where to start your goal is if you want to make websites HTML is generally the starting place it’s kind of the language that underlies all of the content you see on a website javascript would go along with that if you want to make games there’s a number of good places you could start C or Python even Java if you want to make mobile apps well then it depends on if you want to make for Apple’s iOS platform for Android for.

Both so there’s different starting points depending on what your goal is regardless I usually start our students in Python we have a course called programming for absolute beginners that’s.

Taught in Python gives you exposure to the basics of programming which generally are kind of common in all languages so if you learn them in Python you can apply that to other languages you meet down the road from your experience with teaching different coders or programmers how do you see the.

Programs online comparing with the programs in the universities and which one you recommend more and advise more like if you are just starting now as a program or what you will do it depends on your goals in your time in your own situation you know.

A lot of people get into programming is and then study it in college and take the university path and if you have time for that that’s great.

You know University education.

With liberal arts underlying a technical education in computer programming is optimal not everybody has four years and.


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