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We want to grow you know I mean yeah we have the.

Skill sets to develop websites develop software we get asked frequently but you know there’s good clients and then there you know.

Clients that probably believe it about me and cost you more than you make from them so we’ve been trying real real carefully to stick to our kind of focus which is I’m creating materials that once created have a unit cost of a sale of zero have good shelf life and that are needed by people who are learning web mobile and game development and just you know doing a one-off website for a client.

Even if it’s lucrative doesn’t fit into our our larger set of goals in terms of marketing which methods work for you the best in terms of like marketing for your courses is it like on your website or selling it on on the other platforms and can you just name few for us yeah it’s it’s hard to tell because you know one of the weaknesses of the kind of analytics movement is that.

The synergy of multiple marketing efforts done across different channels so you know our YouTube channel I think drives our growth on Facebook which drives our growth in website membership so you know you separate off everything down to an a/b test you lose some of that big picture of the cross channel growth that you have by being present everywhere so our first thing we do is.

We try and be present on all the channels where our students are so that includes you know maybe Pinterest Facebook Open Sesame so there’s a number of channels where we try and be present you to make being kind of the.

Biggest channel that really drives our growth secondary to that YouTube is our YouTube channel is is growing and we put up putting a lot of effort in remaking that.

Into a channel that’s a real driver of membership not just a distribution point so we won’t be actually with the people at YouTube or next have to open their facilities to us and other channel partners and second to that is Roku which is an Internet may not be familiar with as an Internet television.

Device which is available in the US and some countries in Europe that similar to Apple TV.

Gives internet-based TV channels we produce our own internet-based TV channel through there and that’s also been a source of a pretty significant growth for YouTube you.

Do free subscription right it’s.

Not like Bates up you know we don’t charge for anything on YouTube and in fact we’re actually thinking of removing our our advertising from it because we think the real benefit is in getting our content out there and proving how good our content is and how easy it is to learn from versus the the relatively small amount of advertising revenue that’s driven through YouTube.

Do you code now for fun for some projects like just for yourself I teach for fun I the projects I do remain linear towards education to end.

Teaching so I created you know definitely html5 game a couple months ago that’s now uses a teaching project are you teach for fun here in our community in Connecticut I have a group called byte array which offers free computer programming lessons to anyone who wants to show up so next week we’re going to start a six-week course on getting a little used ice on to create arcade style video games and that’s free that one is a member of by the right here in Connecticut who wants to come so that’s them that’s not what I do.

For fun addition to a lot of volunteering in the entrepreneurial community you never felt bored like over the years of changing the languages and learning more and more in new languages and codes and it’s.

Tell us more about that I think the board if it didn’t change one of the exciting things about computer programming is a field is that you know.

It really is a field that what you have to keep up with the.

Latest changes because they happen so.

Quickly and the changes are so numerous that you’re really going to limits it not end your career by not keeping up so I.

Love learning new technologies as soon as they’re something new I want to take it apart and see what’s in.

It with the new Apple operating system here for the cup for the past few weeks now we’re getting to the new Android operating system I always always kidding you know if you gave me a toy I take it apart to see how it works and so definitely learning new technologies is exciting to me but also learning them with an eye of strongly grounded fundamental skills that I picked up in college and over.

The years and that’s also really important is because I’m able to apply those fundamentals to the new languages because you know what’s old is new again you.

Know there seems to be recurring themes in computer science that keep coming back if you have strong fundamentals it makes the new stuff that much easier to learn let’s dig deeper into the programming and coding war like how can you tell us the history of.

The how they invent like a new language or they why they.

Language to develop like more advanced programs and and they start.

Writing different language that’s gonna work for different programs or to create different more advanced games and how that works that’s a really good.

Question so years ago programming was done directly against the computers processor where the processor was directly interpreting line by line each instruction that you coded and that was known as assembly language or under that machine language we don’t do that anymore what’s.

Happened is that process has been abstracted by layers of code above it where.

Heard of the C programming language perhaps it’s it’s it’s brother C++ lets you kind of compile directly to assembly language we now have layers on top of that and what we do is we continually build layers to make programming easier and more like the way you and I are speaking right now where instructions are familiar programming is almost always done in the English language so instructions are more and more like spoken English so that’s one reason two.

Different languages are optimized for different purposes so for example languages like Python are really good parsing.

Good amount large amounts of data and extracting information out of it that’s great Jesus good – sort of entry or for inventory systems or like commercials for a big data you know getting information out of databases and drawing conclusions of huge amounts of data that type of thing or you know parsing a lot of information to just extract a small part of it that’s not what pythons optimize swirl.

Though it can be used everything from video games to websites if you also look at other languages like dotnet well dotnet is really optimized for a Windows environment it might be a good choice if you’re gonna be using.

Windows where Java might not be such a good choice so each language has strengths.

Weaknesses and usually they’re built to take advantage of the strengths of a specific environment and oftentimes libraries that are built on top of those languages to make programming easier by taking tasks you do over and over again and using pre-written code for.

Those and that’s why things changed a lot and hardware changes requirements change if you look at the development of video games over the last 20 years you know video games that were kind of simple.

8-bit games 2025 years ago are now movie like and the languages needed to keep up with that motor for us to be able to produce at the highest levels but I mean why they don’t just advance the same language instead of like calling a different name because it looks like when they call it in two different name name it’s totally different code and different lands yeah right part of.

Part of that is just the nature of business and that companies are introducing.

Competitive languages and they don’t have the rights to the older languages so you know Java for example is really controlled by Oracle so you know while if you’re not from Oracle you can build Java libraries but you.

Can’t advance the job of core so Oracle is going to advance the Java core according to its corporate needs and its corporate goals you know so you can’t just go in and an advanced Java and come out with the next version unless you’re with Oracle and you know Java is.

Really good for certain things and probably not the best choice for others so part of it is just in kind of.

The nature of business different languages are owned or controlled by different companies but there was the open source community that you know some of what you’re saying can be true the JavaScript language which I keep saying is the most important language to know has done a lot of that we’re only operated in the browser.

What’s the difference between open-source and and what we were talking about just for the audience to understand open source languages are owned more or less by the community they might be owned by a foundation but they’re not owned.

By generally a for-profit entity.

And programmers have access.

To the core of the code and are able to make changes or additions to it so changes are often.

Advanced by the community itself examples JavaScript Python jQuery okay now action scripts because Adobe is has donated it so with proprietary languages like dotnet or Java they’re controlled solely by the company that owns the Microsoft or Oracle or whatever company owns and controls the language I’m not labeling one good and.


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