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Working work okay um you know it’s about the work ideas everyone’s got ideas some are good some are bad most are somewhere in between it’s about the execution I’m not the smartest.

Guy out there I’m definitely not the best looking but I’ll outwork anybody and it’s in that work and working smartly productively and efficiently that success happens you know you make your own luck you make your.

Own success and that comes from hard work the harder you work the more likely you are to succeed no one’s gonna do it for you top three ABS that you use on your smartphone.

Evernote is is definitely a number one.

I we’re in the Google ecosystem so the Google Drive app would be number two use that a lot to look up documents from the office and Skype for communication with partners staff and friends hope three favorite books Lean Startup is one I really really like there’s one I forget the other called traction which is a really great business book talks about getting traction it’s fairly new.

And note number three is is the art of war the top three people that he inspired by Wow top three people I’m inspired by that’s tough I’m inspired by a lot of different people so.

From from the business world I I really really enjoy Steve Blank I find what he writes and what he talks.

About to be inspiring and drives me to move forward I’m gonna say from a from a some kind of a personal motivation world a great admirer of Martin Luther King.

Who’s civil rights pioneer here in the United States who.

Did incredible work in race relations and also from that same world Buffy sainte-marie who fought for and continues to fight for role of indigenous people in the United States to become an important part of politics in the world than she does that and continue.

To do that through music do.

You listen to any music when you work I do welcome oh it varies most of the time I’m listening to classic rock although.

Different times like we listening to European pop or New Age The Cure definitely a favorite buffy sainte-marie who i mentioned in folk Irish Celtic music sometimes just kind of depends with what the work I’m.

Doing calls for but definitely some.

Favorites like The Cure REO Speedwagon journey if.

I need to get pumped up and then you know sometimes quieter folk music from from some of the folk greats from head of the American folk movement like Bob Dylan or Joan Baez do you follow an ero team to sleep I lay down and fall asleep yeah I.

Don’t know generally by the end of the day you know I put in it I put in probably 12 hours at work maybe have dinner with friends or other.

Entrepreneurs and then gone to some type of entrepreneurial event or meeting I’m done.

I’m right I’m ready to go to sleep til til the next morning what are the things that makes you really happy my family spending time with my mother and her husband Rick my brother and his wife and his kids and the great group of.

Friends I’ve developed around entrepreneurship and business here in Connecticut I spent all weekend this past weekend working in a start-up weekend with great friends and inspirational people who are starting businesses and that’s really what gets me going I I was on my feet for 16 hours on Saturday just happy as I could be and I think too you know.

Just travel and and the opportunity to meet really interesting people all over the country and all over the world thus question how people can contact you mark at learn to program.

TV I check my email pretty constantly and I try and respond to absolutely everybody so mark that learn to program TV is the best way on Twitter it’s at M laughs off.

At M la SS o FF thank you so much for this interview mark really appreciate it thank you so a lot of fun thanks everyone be efficient and stay efficient and see you.

Soon with another leading experts.


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