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Think that codes always needs to be written or like a video – for the people to understand it more than going just audio right oh yeah yeah only it would be very very difficult because coding is you.

Know process not just watching watching it to be done you know you want.

To just watch it but you also want the students to be following along and coding along that you’re developing the code that’s a visual process so yeah I think video is is optimal the only thing we do audio we have a news cast that we do a couple of times a week called dev and little-bitty let’s call dev de Vie yeah but if you version I mean it’s a podcast it’s we don’t use the word podcast just because we don’t like it but essentially that’s what it.

Is but also it appears on our TV channel it appears on YouTube since we cast to a number of different venues not just.

You know for example iTunes the podcast is kind of term it is available as a podcast but that’s strictly a podcast it’s it’s a newscast of a video across.

A number of different platforms including stitcher what are the other.

Projects or future projects that you are working on we’re trying to expand our library of courses as always we’re always trying to get more courses that are more relevant update courses we have and produce new books for.

Our user audience which is always growing so just a.

Hint at a future project we’re gonna be looking at creating a parallel source of courses and information that reaches outside programming and into more digital media can you take us through.

Your typical lot like life and and work day but there’s nothing typical about my life I do 30 to 40 speaking appearances each year I’m gonna be speaking this week at Tech Week in New York which is a huge tech conference I’ll also be appearing at Tech Week LA so if I’m if I’m traveling it’s whatever is on the agenda for that conference that I’m appearing at or the company that I’m visiting so the last you know a few months I’ve been to San.

Francisco Las Vegas Los Angeles London all four conference appearances are meeting with companies or partners if I’m here typical day I’m up about 6 o’clock in the office at.

7:00 spent a couple hours going.

Through email communicating with partners friends our staff will spend a number of hours each week doing actual.

Content development and then all the things that come to running a business marketing finance accounting staff.

Supervision really account for the balance of my time at the office spend a lot of time working with our employees doing training so they’re better at their jobs more efficient.

Meeting with our vice president Kevin who runs the day-to-day operations setting goals making sure things run smoothly at night I’m either teaching for free volunteering with the entrepreneurial community hosting events I am not married and don’t have kids so I spent a lot of my free time dedicated to the community and helping new entrepreneurs develop their companies.

So I volunteer as a mentor and things like that so my life is really rich but.

All focused around business and and developing new businesses and having fun and it’s very satisfying to me what are the habits that you are trying to develop to stay efficient so one of them is to develop a schedule for myself on a daily basis I have numerous things to do to accomplish on a daily basis and I find if I schedule the time ahead of time I get more done in a more productive so that’s the first thing is have a.

Daily schedule to our personal fitness habits which are my weakness exercise more eat less I’m working with.

A great trainer and dietitian who actually is in our same office building who’s teaching me to eat better and it’s giving me more energy and I lose that kind of lull in the afternoon where people get tired and it’s hard to work so you know fitness and energy are really important and the third area I’m working is just personal organization skills I’m not known.

For the the neatest office and having everything in an organized manner so I’m trying to become more.

Organized which I think results in higher productivity who is your number one mentor my number one mentor can I.

Mention – no problem mention three ok so I worked for a great entrepreneur and great founder down in Austin named Pierre kibosh Pierre started a company called total systems in Kansas City and network logistic in Austin and sold both of those and went on to become a VP for.

One of the big manufacturers of like TVs and networking systems MLG and so working for him I learned a lot about how to run a business how to use your own.

Personal energy and magnetism to get employees on board how to make good decisions and also how to sell you know at the foundational.

Level of every business’s sales and Pierre is the best salesman I’ve ever seen and just so intelligent and so fat and so caring one of the things I loved about Pierre and then still love about him is that he knows the name of every employee who’s ever worked for him.

And whether that employee was the vice president of his company like I was more pulling cable through ceiling tiles making $9 an hour Pierre treated them the same and he was just as likely to go out to lunch with you know his VPS as he was with you know the kid who just graduated college and as in his first programming job so just a very gala Terry and smart way of building companies.

Is quite well-off because of it the second mentor is Michael Martino Michael was a is an older guy as in his 70s now and as a vice excuse me as a professor at Austin Community College and I took one of Mike’s programming courses years and years ago and.

He really we became friends and he had a career previously at IBM working with microcode in the.

Years when computers have you know 6k of memory or something like that worked on mainframes and just the historical perspective from him the idea of requirement gathering are all things that I learned from him.

And just in a way that’s really really been momentously impactful in my life so both Mike and Pierre I hope you see this they’ve been great mentors to me and then continued AXA as such from your perspective success and the most important factors for.


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