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Your own project so you have.

To test with different ones totally you execute it but of course it’s a struggle somehow sometimes outsourcing is common all over the world you know in the u. people commonly outsource to Eastern Europe India and now South America and there’s nothing wrong with it and there’s good programmers all over the world and there are bad programmers all over the world the problem is determining which one you have and.

Many people go through you know one bad programmer the answer soon.

Let’s the outsourcing doesn’t work well that’s not true but outsourcing unlike having someone with you who’s developing a software requires a lot more management a lot more care a lot more description to get what you want because you have you know sometimes not only a communication barrier but a cultural barrier that you’re trying to overcome you’re often working with someone from a different culture that being said a lot.

Of people make it work really really.

Well it’s a good option for entrepreneurs we’re going started who don’t have a lot of funds but you gotta be careful lots of people get burned and I think you said it best you’ve got to experiment before committing and make.

Sure you have a relationship with someone who you trust and I think also you like working with this is going to be a close long-term relationship if you don’t like the person you’re working with it’s gonna be difficult and you know I’ve worked with programmers from here in the United States from India Pakistan South Africa the Philippines and there’s good and bad programmers everywhere you know.

What you want to find is someone who understands the problem.

You’re trying to solve who’s patient about gathering requirements who asks really good questions about what they don’t know and doesn’t make assumptions as far as what you’re thinking and ask the question instead of going ahead and doing something incorrect it’s tough to find the right person but you know what it’s tough to find the right person if you’re in sourcing – yeah and sometimes you need to learn some stuff like to.

Learn if you are developing an app for iOS you do learn that is something called out like this the source code and you protected you as the developer in each stage to keep it with you in case that you run away you have to protect yourself so you can at least shift to another one with all along the way is actually great for working with without source programming teams we talked about github a few minutes ago this way you always have access to the latest version.

Of the code that they’re developing.

But talk about these platforms that sometimes you you code on on there is a platform called Platinum or.

Something that you put on it the code and and it’s gonna work for Android and iOS at the same time libraries like that I happen to actually be an expert one on Fame gap and what it is it’s this basically takes the process of web development and takes your webs web applications and makes them into mobile apps the way it works is you create a.

Generic html5 based application and then what PhoneGap Platinum or some of these other libraries is it wraps that application and a wrapper so it works on the individual phones so it’s essentially running you’re in your application inside a wrapper the great part about it is it’s not detectable to the user the user doesn’t.

Know that the application wasn’t built natively and more and more the app stores are becoming more.

Favorable towards these types of applications it’s actually the method I prefer development because you can write your application once and then distribute to Android to Amazon Kindle to iOS both iPhone and iPad and even some lesser known and lesser used environments like.

Google Chrome or Blackberry.

That so it really is a great way no there’s limitations you can’t do everything with this but for most apps it’s just fine yeah they say that you are limited you cannot develop the code more and you have problems and then you have to develop it again something like that is that right right and there’s limitations as far as some of the hardware so if you heard about Apple’s announced that one of the.

Things they talked about was near field communication.

For payment yeah the Bluetooth yeah those things are not accessible through those these libraries so if you’re.

Doing something with near field communication or Bluetooth or a number of other hardware elements you’ve got to write native applications all.

Right how is your experience with Amazon and how is the process of content creation for.

For your company works like do you create the books first and then the.

Tutorials or you create the tutorials and then do the books and transcribe it and how it works without giving away too much of our secret sauce we have a great partnership with Amazon.

And we have very good friends at that company and we have a process in which.

We create our content for maximum flexibility we create content.

With the fact in mind that it’s going to be distributed to multiple platforms and we optimize both our processes and the content itself for that our Swift book came out of the same day as our Swift course and optimally that’s how we like to do it it doesn’t always work out that way because books.

Require multiple grounds and things like that but we certainly try for it because that gives us the maximum splash in the market when new things come out but.

You know our processes have been developed over three years of very hard work with a very dedicated team we’ve got now I think eight full-time employees and about four or five part-time employees all on the team and you know the growth has been stupendous and the one thing I can say about the learn to program team is every one of them.

Has dedicated to the goals of this company and they work really really hard and we’ve been developing the processes to optimize that work environment so you know probably had today is we’re shooting too much content and we don’t have the studio space so you know we’re looking at how do we juggle the studio space we have to shoot all this all these different lessons and courses that we want.

To shoot over the next couple of weeks do you use like audible icx to post sometimes some actually familiar with it okay you.


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