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This show brought to you by best movie ratings best movie ratings is a one-stop easy and elegant movie ratings experience stop wasting your time on bad movies and download the world’s best movie ratings app from the iTunes App Store now hi everyone this Amica Remley and welcome to be efficient TV the mission of this Web TV shows to.

Boost the efficiency of your business alive through tips and tricks from leading experts and today I have with me.
Mark glass off he is a computer programming expert and he is.

The founder of learn to program TV welcome to the show mark thank you so much my pleasure so why and when you started coding and programming I started coding going back yeah about 1983 1984 I was 11 or 12 years old and my parents were very encouraging as far as getting me into the field of computers so my parents bought me a Commodore 64 and.

I taught myself basic programming at the age 11 or 12 basically because I wanted to make games and I actually made a couple of games that became hits in the neighborhood and my friends enjoyed playing them and then just everything kind of started from there I kept programming through high.

School and then college so he didn’t sell any game to like a big Pro like big gaming company or you could you didn’t have that excess or I didn’t know how to do at that time yeah I didn’t know how to do it and I’m not sure at that point my games were quite good enough for anybody to buy but we.

Traded them you know among friends in the neighborhood and they really seemed to enjoy the games that I produced what is your current focus in terms of.
My primary focus is on learning to program.

Our company is three years old and we’ve grown significantly in those three years we groan just about 252 three year and my full.

Focus is on growing that to become the leading publisher of materials content and courses for people who are learning programming so it just focused on programming and closing right we just focused on program a little coding we do have some courses and.

Information related to that you know some design stuff some user experience but it’s all focused on being able to create web mobile and game applications so it works like you have a membership or you just sell each course individually we actually offer our students a number of options the first is a thirty nine dollar monthly membership and that’s a recurring membership.

Which they can cancel anytime but they have access to everything you do for that thirty nine dollars a month which includes our books some of which are bestsellers our video courses we.

Have about forty of those all geared towards learning new development skills live Hangouts.
With the instructors but also.

You can buy courses or books individually for through Amazon through udemy our courses are in Safari technical library in a number of other places we really try and make our courses available.

Where we think people would benefit from them so we’re in a number of different course libraries so you’ve published.

Only or the material that you produce or you have some other experts that put their books or materials there as well right a number of the courses actually are my own as a computer programmer and an instructor over the years I’ve developed a lot of material for the classroom it’s been adopted for.

Adapted for online classes but we have another number of other experts who have developed courses that we’ve published who are leaving experts in the field that they’re in we’ve.

Had a lot of fun with those as well we’re always trying to get good experts from a number of different fields within programming to do courses with us are our limitations are just kind of the size of our studios right now and then time in the week but we’re looking to increase their.

Library very rapidly how often you publish like a new content we publish new courses which is premium content once or twice a month so we have a project management course that’s just about done we have a course on the famous JavaScript library and then closely behind that a new html5 with for mobile development course all kind.

Of in various stages of completion and then after that we’re gonna be tackling the new Android L so we come up with about two of those a.

Month and then we come out with print with the free content that goes in our roku channel on youtube and on itunes just about every day so and and you give this for free the other content just you use it for SEO to.

Drag traffic’s and then you have the premium courses which is how long each course or how many modules or it generally.

It’s about ten modules anywhere between four hours and-and-and eight hours for an individual course we also have some course packages that can be up to 20 hours long where it’s a number of courses kind of put together to help deliver a real specific skill set like advanced JavaScript or something along those lines so yeah then the free content is done partially for SCO and partially to get our name out there and to build our YouTube channel but also our mission is about teaching people to program and we realize.

Not everybody worldwide has the means to spend thirty nine dollars a.

Month or ninety nine dollars on a course so we want to do some content that’s going to be available in places where people are impoverished it’s still going to benefit them which one is working more for you like selling the courses individually or the membership concept.

Overwhelming majority of our income is from selling courses individually and part of that is time we’ve only had the membership for about six months and also that you know we’ve really taken a publishing model and tweaked it or as you know our goal is to distribute through you to me and Open Sesame and all these places that sell our courses and not do a whole lot of direct sales so it’s kind of by design that it’s ended up that way before like you founded this.
Company in 2011 why did you do that why I decided to go.

TV and publish courses and what what is your background before that I’m not sure I made a.

Distinct decision to start this company I have been doing technical.

Training on the road I had very very good enterprise level clients I had been doing training at companies like Symantec.

And Aflac ADP the big payroll company for the federal government here in the US and also internationally for Motorola I had done courses for the government in Nigeria so I was traveling constantly doing courses it was very lucrative I enjoyed it a whole lot and sadly I came down with colon cancer and that limited my travel I did travel while I was under treatment but as you go through.

Chemotherapy and one who’s been through it knows that the effects are cumulative and as you get towards the end of treatment the effects are more magnified though the beginning.

Of treatment so as I had to kind of slow down which is not in my nature I was really bored at home I was recovering so I said the sign that would put a course online on udemy and to my.

Surprise it was an intro to Java Script course it sold several thousand dollars the first.

Month without me really knowing how to promote it or to market it so from there I made another course and then you know the kind of beast I created became too.

Big for me to handle by myself so I hand I hired who is now our VP of production Kevin Hernandez to help me and we started growing the company from there you know we incorporated three years ago so that kind of is our official starting point but the antecedents have learned to program go back a couple of years before that how are you.

Doing now are you cured I’m on the right side of the dirt as they say so yeah there’s no.

Such thing as cured but there’s no evidence of disease in my body at this point so chances are I will live out a normal lifespan.

Hopefully thank you hope like I wish you that a life full of health and happiness thank you it’s it’s fortunately becoming a much more treatable.

Disease but it’s something that needs to be caught early so wherever you are I would encourage anyone over the age of 35 you go get a colonoscopy it’s it’s not a bad procedure it takes just a couple of hours and it can save your life and.

You think now it’s this like incidents have changed your life completely to the to the positive things because it makes you discover your maybe purpose or things that you enjoy more and it’s more leverageable.

Than the courses that you’ve been doing is that right well I’ll tell you this I after this I mean they’ve been changes most of which around the fact that I don’t waste my time on projects people or efforts that are fruitless frustrating aren’t helpful to me or.

Someone else time is precious so I I don’t want to waste any of it and that’s probably the biggest lesson is that you know it’s okay to put something if it’s not working and work on the things that really matter and impact you know you and your family and me and myself your community and the world at large and if you’re not impacting others positively you really want to look at what you’re.

Doing you don’t take like any external projects like web development or app developments you don’t like your teammate not focused on that at all no I mean and that’s not to say every entrepreneur should take.

That that attack this you know projects can be a great source of funding as you’re getting started.

But for us I didn’t want to distract my team with projects that didn’t bring us closer to our core goals and.


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