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Welcome friends in this video tutorial we will learn how to write DTD for our examine document so we have already created one examine document now you already know how to write XML document but in this example we will learn how to write internal DTD so to write internal DTD you first have to write doctype tag so write doctype.
After writing doctype write your routine order my root node is not.

And then write opening square bracket after opening the square bracket you have to start various elements first I have to write my root element which is not so I am writing so I am writing element and then in root element I have to write sequence of all children element and we must have to follow the sequence that is in document so my first children is two and.

Then right semicolon and then second children is from third is the heading and last one is a body so you must.

Have to follow the sequence of writing children elements now complete this element take and write element egg for children’s now I am writing element for two after writing two which is the children element you must have to specify data type of this element I am giving PC data we already study about PC data in previous tutorial same way I am defining for other children’s which is from PC data and last is the.

Body complete the whole element egg and finally at the end when all elements are.

Close the square bracket and close the doctype egg save this document now our XML document contains DTD definition with doctype tag and or XML document now save this document with dot XML extension and let’s run and see what.

Is the effect we can see document is displayed which simply shows the data of our examine document similarly we have seen in previous example one in addition to output is doctype egg with display doctype and or not which is the root element so this is about DTD DTD.

Is mostly used for validation of data means when we want to specify type of our data then DTD is used so.

This is about internal DTD definition thank you.



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