Html5 & Css3 Tutorial Add Background Video

To my channel this is tint and today I’m gonna teach you how we can put a video background on your website so this is the simple tutorial I will teach you alright so here are the demo you can see and understand when we write a code you can understand clearly right so it’s looking beautiful okay so let’s try.

The code I would created the project inside a stray dog have a folder with YouTube tutorial and inside that we have a.

Video busy okay and inside that we have a one video Golden Gate Bridge dot mp4 video file and another one is the index dot HTML right so you need to create it and just drag and drop inside in.

Your code editor if you have a rod all the code sit here it’s just a very easy right we will see line by line and step by step right so first we will see here are the simple HTML code right and we have a deal and it has a class which is a background rape and inside.
We have a lemon which is a video and it has ID which is.

The video BG a lemon right and preload this is the html5 player and it’s autoplay it’s true and loop.

It’s automatically you can see it’s autoplay means it so when the video has finished.

Again it’s a restart right and muted it means it it disabled your volume and inside we have a source source take and we have a file which is Golden Gate Bridge dot M before and and video for its layers it’s a format it’s a mp4 rights and.

We have an mp4 format so we have added it here right and these are the content which we have a video background tutorial and we have this is small on tapes which is inside a paragraph you can see this tutorial so you show you how to put a video background for your website so.

This thing’s so it’s a we can see.

Adhere clearly and this video I actually this video I want you like for this video right so it’s looking very good and it’s perfect for our websites for adding the video background and here we have some CSS so it’s.

Not necessary if you know little bit CSS right so if you want to get a Z.

Files I will provide you in a video description right so you can download click the link and download it so this is the very small tutorial based on the video background tutorial if you like this video please subscribe my channel and next time I will come with the new thing till then bye take care bye.


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