Statistics Tutorial #7: How To Find Mean Of Continuous Series In 6 Easy Steps!

Hello my dear friends I am sue joy and today I will tell you how to find out the mean of continuous series in just six easy steps so let’s start here which sub some students are given denoted by X and number of students having the same weight are denoted by F that means prime normal students having weight in.

18 number students having weight in between 63 to 65 kgs and so on.

It’s called a continuous series because first number.

In ending in 52 and second number is starting from 63 and second number is ending in 65 and third number is starting from 56 and so on so let’s proceed to our solution tip 1 and in the x-values in increasing order and write the corresponding f or frequency values next to it here X values are ordered in increasing order.

And corresponding F values I wrote in next to it step two find mid values for each x value pair it’s called value pair by summing both numbers divided by two so our first meet value is 60 plus 62 divided by 2 which is 61.

Similarly second midway no 63 plus 65 divided by 2 is 64 step 3 find assuming or a by taking the middle values of mid value column in case of odd numbers of element here or Damas elements are there five elements one two three four five so we will take the middle element as our a or as you mean in case of imminence of element say here another number 80 then we would have taken the average of middle two elements in that case our a would become 68.

The interval gap or edge by subtracting the first number from the second number of any x value pair that means for H just subtract the smaller number from the larger number so it becomes 63 softer from 65 which is – perfect for any x value pair next construct the table D equals 2x minus a our new X column is this column we won’t take this x.

Value so D becomes X minus a divided by H 61 minus a 67 so 61 minus 67 / – yes – 6 by 2 is minus 3 similarly for this value.
64-57 divided by 2 which is minus C divided by 2 is minus 1.

5 and so on next find out F into D 5 into minus 3 minus 15 18 into minus 1.

Minus 27 and so on next find out F into D Square D square is 9 + 9 into 545 d squared is – sorry.25 into 18 is 41 5 and so on next find out some of F some all F values is a summation symbol which is 100 an X Tom of FD equals to 20 2.
Square which is 218 125 next step 5 find out D bar.

Is the bar d bar by following formula d bar equals to sum of F D divided by sum of F which is.

22 point 5 by 100 is point 2 – 5 step 6 therefore.

Mean of the width is given by X bar or.

Mean equals to a plus h into d bar which.

Is 67 plus 2 into point 2 – 5 equal to 67 point 4 5 kgs.

This is our answer so friends this was my tutorial however the.

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