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Bear that in mind I know how ridiculously lucky I am to have this show and I don’t take that for granted you know we’ve come to this weird place where we think that everyone’s opinion has to be.

Respected but people have to understand their right to be heard is tempered by our right not to listen right I think we’ve probably asked this before but should everyone on social media be held to journalistic standards well.

You know we when we go on air we have standards that have to be maintained if we lie libel someone or repeat unsubstantiated rumors like the one that says Jeff Sandhu is away this week because he’s getting butt implants done in Brazil you know we will get in trouble there are laws and bodies and lawyers that hold us to account we have to get into the headspace all of us I think that social media is a form of publishing so maybe not such a high bar as a media organization but there should.

Be no and customs that we observe so should there be limits to freedom freedom of speech we’ve always had.

Limits to freedom of speech this is the thing that people forget when they make.

This argument as soon as you threaten harass or intimidate someone in the real world you have committed a crime your freedom of speech has become something.

That you can be prosecuted for so many countries now have hate speech laws and people are convicted under those laws so why should.

The online world be any different if you cherish your freedoms you have to nurture and respect them when you abuse them people with no respect for.

Those rights are the ones who step in and take them away and once that starts to happen and we are seeing it happening in some countries.

It’s really hard to stop other freedoms being eroded and threatened as well so you’re saying that the idea of online and in real life is a false one well when you look at the generation that’s been born since a year 2000 they’ve never known a world without broadband anyone born since the mid nineties won’t even know a world without apps so this in real life divided is really entirely artificial for most people their world is a.

Seamless mix of the two so behavior in both spheres should be held to the same standard let’s go a little bit light a how would you deal with the phenomenon of poor spelling and grammar well I know that people think I’m gonna be some kind of grammar nazi but abbreviations emojis although that’s fine what annoys me is the.

People who make spelling errors that you know their phone or laptop.

Is actually trying to correct for them sometimes the machine is at fault on last week’s show when I dictated my notes Siri kept adding a silent B to the word edge but for common words come on you think that you have a better idea how to spell therefore and the various forms of to learner.

Machine does if you’re not even smart enough to realize that the machine is trying to help you and stop you looking silly then I think it’s perfectly fine to be publicly shamed like like being locked in the stocks sure digitally anyway you know maybe as well as in all its forms Facebook.

Can add a rotten tomato so you can hurl at people for this kind of stuff one thing that all of people waiver on is food picks well I do like a good food picture if I need to wonder how people like my friend Warren is actually still alive I had no idea that human could eat so much meat or fried food but yes there should.

Be a code of contact if you’re holding everyone back from eating then they should be consequences yeah I think all smartphones should ship with an ambient thermometer if you take so long arranging shots that the temperature of the food drops I think you should automatically be banned from posting for 24 hours degrees and at the same time a notification goes to the kitchen to take your food away but you pay a fine as well on top of your bill I think I can already guess the answer to that one.

Posting links to articles we haven’t read I know that we’ve all probably done this you read a headline you think it sounds interesting you share it anyway but you know that’s how fake.

News gets spread via how do you know that the article headlined seven ways to take better food pics doesn’t actually contain an essay listing all the reasons that white people are better than every other race we’re so hungry for.

Content and to make a life so interesting that.

We just hit the button before we engage our brain it goes back to what I was saying earlier let people know your life is mundane rather than fabulous i watch my slaves clean out my kitty litter in the morning like most normal people so you know this is one area that you can keep it real by checking that it’s actually.

Real first are we going to see a social commandments roadshow in the future I.

Can think of better things to occupy anyone’s time I don’t know well you know some of this is common sense I think in the main part adults should know better and we’re the ones who are supposed to be guiding the kids I do think eventually that.

This will be a subject taught in schools there will be some kind of social media ethics taught in schools probably not my rules obviously sensible ones but I think codes of conduct and online behavior are going to become an accepted part of school syllabus in the future I think it’s too important not to because as we’ve said today our freedom is actually at stake if.

There are any social media behavior.

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