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Of your school prom by adding a bit of Ed Sheeran to the audio track that there are people whose job it is to make money from Ed Sheeran’s music and they are going to come after.

You and they’re going to ask you for a bit of money for doing that same time ed Sheeran isn’t rummaging around in your fridge he isn’t stealing your socks so you know a little.

Steal from him he won’t steal from you like.

I can’t imagine him wanting to steal my I don’t want him anywhere near my sock I know well he does look like his socks have holes in yeah yeah anyway when we come back more rules of social interaction the MSP way you are listening to be FM 89.

Station Birkins for Mama BFM.9 the business station the fm8 29.9 at the business station of my name is rich Bradbury sitting in a foot Jeff Sandhu this is Matt’s plane we touched on.

Something a little more serious before break how to credit and use other people’s content on a similar.

Topic where’s the line for influences and brands when it comes to paid content well.

I was reading a really interesting interview with the actress Busy Philipps a few days ago I think was on The Guardian website so she’s the actress from Cougar Town freaks and geeks and lots of other stuff she was an early.

Adopter of instagrams story format and she has around 1.3 million followers and she has a thing of keeping it real so it’s quite refreshing to see her in airport waiting lounges with bags under.

Her eyes like a normal person it’s not heavily curated in that sense but she gets criticism from some of her followers for doing promoted and paid posts the idea being that she’s a super.

Rich actress already but she isn’t she’s a jobbing actress her husband is a screenwriter they’re both in unstable industries they have good years they have badges and she’s quite right when it says it’s crazy to turn that kind of thing down so pay poza fine.

It’s that context thing again you know we all have a different moral compass I wouldn’t promote any weight loss product unless they paid me loads and loads of money if anyone’s listening you know we all have our red lines but you know you should always make it clear if something has been paid for I sometimes endorse products for the 20 odd people who follow me online but I make it clear that this is a personal choice not something I’ve been paid to do yeah.

And again if I’m paid to promote things I make sure it’s very very clear that there’s a line between what I recommend and what I’m being asked to promote for somebody else what about nudity.

Oddly no one has asked me for any.

Nudity I follow quite a lot of photographers across my social media world and there’re quite a few who post nudes but a male and female but those people have given their permission and that’s the most important thing all this stuff about revenge porn it’s it’s really horrible and degrading and I genuinely expect some more prosecutions of this kind of behavior in the future.

You know hashing technologies makes it far easier to pull identifiers out of images than people realize give us your stock speech one more time for the crowd don’t send unsolicited pictures of your genitals ever if someone solicits naked pictures think really really hard ask yourself would you print these out at a photo.

Booth if the answer is no then you probably shouldn’t send them you’re saying that as soon as those photos are stored.

On a cloud or sent to someone then they’re at risk yeah because that person you trust may betray that trust that secure server might not be so secure short of disconnecting all of the world’s electricity that information those ones and zeroes they’re not going away and short of starting a digital Armageddon over some embarrassing photos or videos you’ve.

Now lost an element of the control over what happens to that quite sensitive content I don’t you’ve given much thought to this but what what should we be doing about our kids is it okay to include them in our posts well I think that’s something you have to think hard about as well because your kids are probably not old enough.

To consent and we’re not talking about nude pictures here we’re just talking about featuring your kids in posts they may be happy to see their faces online now but no teenager wants.

The world to see their baby pictures so you know don’t be gratuitous and if they insist you delete the posts you know a few years down the line don’t argue just archive the pictures and do it for them because kids can be mean yeah and then they can especially be they.

Can be especially mean to each other so don’t promote your self image at the expense of this and what happens when parents or couples don’t agree.

Gosh keep that stuff quiet please I mean I would say no one wants to see that but the truth is people do its sport especially when you’re a celebrity so you know keep it private especially when there are kids or makeup artists that you share custody of you know you may be in a bad place but don’t let the world.

Laughs at your misfortune I think Calvin Harris has been caught like that from time to time other spats are just funny Kanye West and Amber’s oh no Kanye West and one.

Of his exes have had a simmering feud for years Taylor Swift who can even count.

The feuds that she’s had online but even then you know there’s a thin line between engaging someone and trolling where will you send the trolls where they all belong and to live under bridges Chyna’s just opened that.

Massive bridge linking Hong Hong Kong Macau and the mainland lot of trolls can fit under that bridge I think trolling body-shaming bullying you know if we get a little bit more serious there there comes a point where.

You have to accept that more regulation is needed for me the rule of thumb is if I wouldn’t say it to that person’s.

Face then I don’t say it check out Dylan Marin’s incredible podcast conversations with people who hate me if you want to see how this idea of trolling and hate speech actually works out what about free speech well exactly what about it you know free speech is a privilege there are billions.

Of people in the world who don’t have that right that might be for political reasons social could be economic if you do have the right to voice your opinions you should try and.


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