Msp51 [] The Social Commandments [rules For Social Media]

To go curate themselves should we respond to comments in a certain time frame that’s a.

Good question well if you’re a brand or an influencer again sure respond as quickly as you can but for normal folks again really who cares if someone is commenting on your breakfast on Instagram it’s.

Probably not life or death unless they’re reminding you of a food allergy in which case it’s too late anyway as for Twitter come on please that stuff takes all day most of us have got things to do do what you want now let’s.

Be frank mate you’re known for having a bit of an untidy inbox should we.

Be paying attention to the to the look and feel of our various news feeds this is purely a taste and aesthetics issue you know I know people who have beautiful looking profiles they’re color-coordinated they uniform other people’s look like a.

Unicorn threw up on them I have an obsession with glitching that is definitely not befitting an adult male so the rule here is that there really are no rules are we therefore heading towards the.

Old cliche keep it real well this is where it gets tricky that’s the thing with social behavior isn’t always logical we have this idea that adults can swear kids can’t but they’re using the same words racing drivers can take part in demands and for some reason I can’t you know we have to live with weird rules that make more sense to one group than another so what is your commandment well there definitely is room for artistic and creative.

Expression but you know just don’t misrepresent your life we all live relatively ordinary and mundane lives so let a little bit of that ordinariness shine.

Through my life isn’t all breakfast with supermodels and lunch with tech tycoons occasionally you know I have to do normal stuff like sending my assistant out to the pharmacy or having the Paul Smith boutique closed down so I can do some shopping right we should all try and find.

A little bit of humility it really is too easy to play to your ego online on the subject of being fake what are the rules about posting photos and other content well this one is really contentious and it’s something that the EU is addressing with.

Its data regulations so it is something that’s being taken very very seriously and there is a really fine line with how you use content so for example Charlie Childish Gambino’s this is America video went viral earlier.

This year and it spawned dozens of copycats tributes and remixes my favorite is this is.

Nigeria watch that one if you haven’t all right taking someone else’s content and not crediting them is just simply wrong there are no cases where that is allowable so taking someone’s joke and repeating it taking someone’s music pretending that you own someone else’s content is not acceptable even if you credit that person they still have the right to ask you to take that post down big artists and companies employ law agencies collection agencies to go after people and seek damages for using content against the.

Rules of copyright so you may think.

That you’re adding a little bit of lie to the audio track.


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