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9 the business station the fm8 29.

9 at the business station my name is rich Bradbury I am sitting in if I mr.

Jeff Sandu today so I can sense we’re in a somewhat dangerous territory again today culture Pop’s Matt Armitage cast himself as a weird techno demigod from time to time it usually.

Doesn’t end well apparently this week he’s had a vision and he wants to.

Tell us all how to behave online contractually.

Him Matt’s plane your calling today’s show the social commandments are you trying to make any illusions here well I mean the original Ten Commandments were written on tablets and my social Commandments were written on a tablet but I think that’s.

Probably where the similarities end I’m not a naughty boy and I’m not well that’s good to hear but you are about to tell us how to live Matt well one of the things that we come back to all the time on the show is that technology.

Moves a lot faster than our ability to codify behavior so for example we know that.

It’s wrong to kill someone most societies most religions accept that but in fact that principle predates most of the world’s major religions and actually has its origins in people coming together to live in larger social groups so in a tribe it’s fine to whack someone in another tribe on the head with a club it’s a ritual you see in cities.

Around the world every Friday and Saturday night it’s something you see at weddings and family gatherings on a regular basis and in the old days that was how you gained access to food and to territory but when you have to share your living.

Space with hundreds thousands or even millions of other people then that kind of behavior becomes socially destabilizing as much.

As it’s morally wrong posting a badly lit selfie isn’t the same as repeatedly stabbing somebody in the abdomen no and you’re frightening me with that very weirdly specific example I’m holding my stomach now um badly lit selfies yeah you know the the big stuff is easy don’t kill don’t steal screw the lid back on the bottle you.

Know it’s how we get to the smallest stuff that’s a lot more complicated and that’s what I want.

To talk about today so for example where did the idea of treating people with courtesy and politeness come from these are the things that evolve over time they’re a bit like that oil that greases the cogs of our social.

Interactions clearly you want to be the Internet’s grease monkey it’s not how I would have put it but yes you’re not wrong the digital world is this emerging and evolving realm and we don’t always know how we should.

Behave so today I thought we could have a go at establishing some social commandments and codifications of that behavior which will help everybody including me and maybe we can bring.

Down the temperature of our online interactions and you know talk a bit more shout a bit less will there be ten of these Commandments there will be as many as we can get through by the end of the show and will there be punishment of course there will be they won’t be internationally enforceable until I can.

Make the UN Security Council rammed them through but at the moment they’re concentrating on regime change in the Isle of Man for me so I’m not going to complicate things right so what’s commandment number one well let’s be very clear these are in no particular order if in a thousand years time a race of super Apes picks this podcast out of a pile of sand at the hand of the Statue of Liberty these may not be the rules that they want to base their.

Society on but let’s start with holidays Richard we all take lots of pictures you can stick them all in an album on Facebook but you know let’s face it nobody’s going to wade through more than two or three before they.

Give up true it’s the same with Instagram you can bundle them into those things of ten but nobody slides.

Through more than about three of them so most of us of course want to spread those pictures out over time so that’s fine in spreading them out with a caveat you know we often hear.

That the glamorous lives of our friends and social media acquaintances can actually lead to actual anxiety so I would ask people not to misrepresent if you post a picture after you’ve come back from your holiday just say so you know.

It’s not hard it’s called context it’s something that people in the media have always done that’s why it’s called social media.

You can just be honest with people you know I’ve seen people who’ve gone for a 2-day one-night stay in Bali and stretch out their pictures for three weeks to make it look like the world’s most marathon trip and it doesn’t reflect well when you spot someone in the supermarket buying toilet roll in instant noodles when thirty minutes they were.

Posting something on insta that made them look they were like a high roller at Potato Head or something I mean asking for a friend what’s the punishment.

For a crime like this well I originally suggested a lifetime ban from all social media apps and a six-month.

Ban from instant messaging services that’s a bit harsh man I know I have moderated it a little bit for first offences I think a month with a simple Auto filter on all the posts with a single.

Word liar should be enough to reform most people persistent offenders get extensions to the sentence they might even get a court.

Mandated photographer or videographer sent out to record and broadcast the really horrible bits the boring bits of their actual life and of course no shots from their good site or no and it would actually.

Help to create employment for all the photographers and videographers that free digital content has made unemployed one thing that people often ask is can you post too often if you’re a brand or heaven forbid an influencer then how often you post will probably be something that you think about you want to.

Maximize the reach of those posts so if you post too often you may find that the algorithms that run those services will tune out or forget to promote some of your some of your content but for the rest of us really you know who cares if.
You want to post 20 updates on your parrot every day that.

Really is up to you your friends will already know what kind of person you are the kind of person who posts 20 pictures of your para every day so it’s not going to be a surprise to them so go for it anyone who tells you otherwise tell them.


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