How Can I Know What To Do When I Have Many Tasks Or Projects?

Look think about it and be honest with yourself are you excited about it or not and give it a score okay next is a twelve week ROI so ninety days you know if I did this whatever it is what would be the payoff in ninety days and the payoff doesn’t necessarily have to be monetary maybe in your personal life you’re saying you know I’d.

Like to lose ten pounds over the next you know six months well you know the 12-week ROI would probably be pretty good in terms of health focus motivations just you know that type of a thing and again that’s not.

Monetary so just you know you understand what you’re talking about and give it give it a number.

Then we have the 24 month ROI and you.

Can adjust this could be 24 months could be 36 could be one year or whatever it is but a longer term what’s the payoff you know again if we use the weight loss goal you know that would probably have a very big effect on your long-term and in.

Terms of your health and how you feel things like that and then it.

Calculates out the total value for you and.

It does that exponentially so it’s higher you’re you’re you get a large score for giving high values and it’s much larger than just the sum of the values and so it helps you pull apart real quick to say well if you have a project mostly fives and you’re really excited.

About it you think it has our high ROI in the near and far term then it’s gonna have a really high score as opposed to something where you’re it’s.

Maybe 3s across the floor and you’re like yeah you know it’s okay I’m I’m not against it you know and I think that oh I will be okay you’re gonna really see those things separated and then you can go through there and see uh okay just by assigning those numbers and you had to choose those numbers you’re at least getting out of your head you know a.

Little bit about what you may be subconsciously think or feel about this as well as any knowledge you have about.

The project and then you can go from there maybe you know you can’t organize them directly by the score that popped out but I.

Think that that should definitely put you on the right track and at least get you in the right frame of mind to then say okay that’s what I should be working on.


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