How Can I Know What To Do When I Have Many Tasks Or Projects?

Was just knowing what to do and I think this comes up occasionally in different formats and people look at it kind of from different angles but basically this boils down to knowing what’s most important you’re understanding what it is we should be working on so I’ll start as always with saying hey if you don’t do a daily review.
That definitely this is one place.

You can start because once you start seeing these tasks and these goals over and over it becomes much easier and more clearer because you’re seeing these over.

And over you’re building that habit where you’re saying ah I’m seeing these same things again and again and part of that daily review is looking at your goals you know what are your big goals what are your kind of like 90-day goals.

And by reminding yourself of those every day and this doesn’t take long and you can just stand through the goals that you’ve written down or that you typed out somewhere okay well that’s the the end result well then as I go through my tasks I should know a.

Little bit more easily understand what I should be working on so this one this won’t save you from procrastinating it won’t save you from you know having to do hard work but this will help you understand that when you use that that daily review weekly review and in that you include your goals review that you know you really start to understand the bigger picture and then on a daily basis or even hourly basis you understand how your test fit into that and that just helps you kind.

Of mentally or I would say almost automatically start organizing something else I would use if your I’d use this for a higher level review this isn’t something I use on a daily basis but let’s.

Just say you’re stuck you’re like you know what I’ve got like five projects I’m not sure what I should be working on a much of what.

Really has the most value or I do this on a quarterly basis to use an expected value calculator that’s just a fancy name for putting in your project assigning some values to it and looking at what the numbers put out and.
Tell you and then from there doing a little bit of.

You know maybe you have to adjust things a little bit but I can’t share the screen right now I will share it right here there’s an earlier post that I did in June and this is pretty cool this is a folks that.

Has the calculator in it it’s an air table and so what you do is just put in something you.

Can adjust this however you want okay I have personal business and second business and you know you can take those out or change them but what I do is.
List what the project is just give it a descriptive name so you understand.

It with you’re looking at it later and then there’s four or five actually main columns how excited am i okay and all these are on a scale from one to five one is low five is high and you give it escort you know just personally how do you feel about this you.

Know this project or task are you into it or is it you know just busy work that has to get done in order to move the project or to to to be sorry to finish you know whatever that it is maybe it’s a project but it’s part of another project something like that so just you know do a little self-reflection.


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