How Can I Deal With Being A Perfectionist?

Calendar and I’m very good about doing it now we all make mistakes and I said oh great you know instead of having.

You know 30 minutes to get ready or to write some notes or do something I’ve got five minutes and I want to stick to the schedule and go and we do the best we can and you.

Know you’ve come up with ways because of that situation to get better so lastly I want to touch on this for perfectionism and I think this applies in a lot of other areas as well but if you believe in what you’re doing.

Then I feel like you you need to get it out there okay so it’s not an excuse you know we don’t.

Want to put poor quality things out we don’t nobody intends to generally put out you know crap but we you know again we self limit ourselves and we think.

About this too much we get our own heads so if you know you sit down and you think about whatever it is you’re working on if you truly believe that you you have that you’re good at what you do then you kind of owe it to yourself as well as everyone else to get that out there and.

Whether that’s part of a project that you’re then passing along to the next person but by just keeping it internal and you know worrying about it and trying to get everything right to the enth.

Degree that generally isn’t helping right it’s not getting your your your work out there so that you can help other people by doing that so hopefully that’s helpful and certainly I’m not a perfectionist but identify I think everyone can with certain areas.

Where perhaps we are maybe it’s our strengths or our weaknesses but there’s areas where we’re always trying to fine-tune something and sometimes we just need to say okay you know what.
I did a very good job it’s done it’s complete and if the it arises or.

If I can add to it later I’ll do..


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