How Can I Deal With Being A Perfectionist?

You know how to deal with perfectionism and so the way I see that is you know that point where you never feel like you’re quite done there’s always something that you can do and you know that’s in itself not a bad thing because you know certainly you want to put out something that’s high quality that you’re proud of.

But once you start to realize that you know maybe that’s going too far because it makes me think of like design stuff which I’m terrible at but you know the color.

Doesn’t seem quite right or this or that you know if you’re getting feedback that’s fine let’s say you’re making a logo for a client they said you know it’s not right or don’t like it that’s one thing but if you’re just self-limiting and saying you know I don’t you know it’s not good enough or the you know the color is not quite right other people won’t like it then you know if you’re not getting feedback that closed loop system in.

Your head can be pretty vicious and I think we’re all used to that in the sense that you know we can be our own worst enemies in the sense that it’s really tough to to to end that loop if you’re not actually.

Getting outside feedback so I would say that that’s a good step two is to get outside feedback whether again you know really depends on your situation but I’ll just leave it at get some feedback on what you’re working on you know are people shooting it down in flames and telling you you’re a bad.

Person from what you did probably not you know and a lot of us assume the worst so get some feedback get that outside loop going so that you have some real-world.

What’s going on up here the other thing to consider with this is even if you get feedback that you know it’s like us because you know or like yeah like that’s okay you know that might be good enough it depends what it’s doing or what it’s intended for if it’s an article you know if it’s something that you can work on later then you know there’s a chance for you to say that’s good enough now it needs to be completed.

It’s done and if the opportunity comes up or I can a schedule time later to come back and add details or fix you know the little odds nets so obviously given this.

Is situational you could do this in areas perhaps like writing an article where you could always continue maybe to expand it and you come up with new ideas later new lane you know if you’re building a highway overpass don’t.
Do that that needs to be done a certain way and.

It has to be done that way the first time but I think for.

Most of us we can look at this and say hey you know there’s a reason there’s.

Things like MVPs or Minimum Viable Product because something needs to just be good enough it needs to get out there into the world so it gets real feedback and again that applies to content it applies to online you know training and applies to products everywhere so I think that that’s something really good to remind yourself about is you need to get.

Stuff out there and start getting some feedback you know definitely if you’ve seen my Q&A there’s been some where I can guarantee you I didn’t have enough time or I felt rushed because I may be you know as much as I talk about.


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