Productivity Tips For Work – How To Get More Done In A Day

Now we’re going to move on to the second part which is going to be.

List the things that you do that kind of make your business function like writing emails answering text messages making phone calls so let’s look at that list right now so you should have gone back and actually circled three to five things on that list that you know are essential to keeping your business moving forward so those are the ones I want to.

Focus on usually those are things that you have to do on a daily basis like answering email so look at the list right now and let’s move from there okay this is really important we’re gonna start being really really deliberate about checking our emails and our texts guys no one is holding.

A gun to your head to answer an email or a text message it the second it comes in you have got to get rid of that mentality because otherwise you’re not running your business your business and the chaos and the distractions are running you so moving forward I only want you to.

Check your emails and your texts mention messages.

Two to three times a day don’t freak out we’re gonna we’re gonna we’re gonna talk through this the first time is gonna be.

Right after we finish our first task now you’re already feeling you got something done for.

The day so you’re feeling good and you’ve been clear enough to be able to work on that now you’re gonna check your emails.

To see if there’s something else you need to handle then you’re gonna schedule checking your emails or two and this depends on your business to like if you don’t need to be doing.

Many times they do not do it get into the habit of checking it twice a day if you need.

To you need to train your staff to do the.

Same thing there is no reason why people should assume that you’re gonna get back.

To them right away they only do that because they know you’re going to respond and you’re actually enabling them to rely on you for absolutely everything.

Which you don’t want so get into the habit of scheduling your emails and your text messages first time in the morning after your first task midday and at the end of the day or towards the end of the day you don’t want it to be the last thing before you leave because your brain is gonna keep going about what else you need to get done.

Okay and let’s just make something very very clear here the emails that you are checking are your work emails you are not answering their presence emails and your girlfriend’s emails.

To go to the spa these are specifically work-related emails you can check those emails on your downtime when you’ve scheduled in you know your 15-minute break but do not check those emails during work time because they’re gonna get distracting okay you’re gonna allot yourself 10 to 20 minutes to check these emails maybe 30 minutes again it depends on your business but what you’re gonna do is read through the emails and execute a fast response most emails don’t.

Require you to go into your life story we tend to think that they’re gonna take a lot more time but really all they are usually is a yes-or-no answer or here’s what to do next so get into the habit of answering them very quickly and deliberately and getting them off your desk you’ll find people will.

Start having more respect for you and your time which is a big deal when you’re entrepreneur because a lot of people don’t get it they never know what we’re doing what are you doing.

All day on your time so this will kind of give them a sense of respect for you your time and your schedule okay so let’s recap so far we have prioritized what we really need to get done so you’re do or die task and we’ve prioritized other things like emails and text messages.

That might have be fork ruled our entire life and we scheduled them into a way that brings us a little bit more clarity a lot less overwhelm and gives us the respect of other people for our time and we’ve even allotted for some time to get back to you know those phone calls that five-minute break or checking an email that’s not work-related so it’s okay.

But just schedule it in everything needs to be scheduled so that by the end of the day you feel like you’ve.

Accomplished things so what I really want you to do is do this for.

A full week and let me know how it went so the ball is in your.

Court if you want to start regaining control over your life and enjoying your.

Evening is that weekends and maybe time with friends or just getting that desperately.

Needed you time in then I strongly urge.

You to give this a try try it.

For at least one week commit to it and stick to it and you’ll see that you’re gonna feel a lot better about yourself about your business you’re gonna begin to feel passionate again you’re gonna feel empowered it’s just gonna change everything that you do and not.

Business life this is gonna then trickle into every other aspect of your life because.

The more organized you are the more you can get done and the more you can enjoy the downtime I’m excited about you knocking these tasks out getting these projects done and just feeling a sense.

Of joy about your business again so if you found this video helpful right helpful in the comments below and as always go to our Facebook page and let me know how it went alright guys thank you so much for watching see you in the next video and as always to your success you.


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