Productivity Tips For Work – How To Get More Done In A Day

Other tasks you know the emails the phone calls anything else this is the one thing you gotta get done now remember what we talked about the beginning of the video the more time you a lot to something the more important and complicated is gonna get right so the first thing I want you to do is schedule your very first tax now this is the task you want.

To get done you want to get off your your plate this is your do-or-die task now I would schedule all that first thing in the morning before you start checking emails.

And texts I would schedule it right in and I was scheduled into a short timeframe if you schedule it first before you start checking your emails and.

Your other two dues then your brain is not bogged down by all these other.

Distractions and all these other worries.

It just has a one task and it’s to get that one thing complete it you’re gonna focus on just accomplishing it and getting it off your desk so work on the bare essentials to get those things knocked out because when you do this properly you’ll find you actually have more time and at the end is when you you know you.

Can add the bells and whistles but at the beginning focus on getting what you need to get done you’re gonna feel a lot better being focused on the essentials.

Now if this is a larger task or let’s say a project that.

You have a week to complete what I want you to do is break it up.

Into smaller tasks and then do the exact same thing and schedule it for the first thing every morning so that you work on that.

Specific task from that big project every single morning and I want you to schedule it to be completed one day before the due date now to keep yourself sane I’m not saying work five six eight hours straight they say that 20-minute intervals is really good for your brain I personally can’t do 20 minutes because when I’m working with creativity it’s too hard to get something started and a complete thought finished and out on paper.

Of thought and I have to start all over so for me that doesn’t work but I.

Know you know if I work an hour straight then I take a few minutes break and in those few minutes and.

I mean specifically just a few minutes and if you have to do this at the beginning time yourself so I’m gonna give myself five minutes 15 minutes break that’s when you grab your coffee that’s when you check Facebook all right that’s but it only for that allotted time get in the habit because otherwise these things are gonna control your day and take over so make.

Sure that your scheduling and breaks for projects that are.

Taking you no longer than an now you might have more than one do-or-die test so you know we’re setting us.

Up for a week and you can do this for a month as well but for the week schedule out those do-or-die tasks throughout the.

Week so that they have a specific place and a specific time and you’re not a.

Lot in yourself you know four hours for something that can get done in two hours so go ahead and schedule.

Your do-or-die tasks now okay so we’ve.

Implemented the first part of this.


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