Productivity Tips For Work – How To Get More Done In A Day


Consume your time all right so how do we conquer this.

Lack of time the overwhelm and knowing exactly we need to get done let’s jump right in with action steps now guys really take the time to do this if you haven’t already because it will allow you to see how you.

Spend your time where you’re maybe wasting some time where you can actually get more done and it’ll just transform your business so grab a piece of paper grab a pen and follow up okay step number one tasks that directly impact you making money in your business now don’t overthink this so just write down everything that you know.

You have to get done in order to get paid and these tasks might be ones that you actually don’t like doing but write them all down okay ready go okay step number two list the things that make your business function so for example you know returning.

Emails meetings returning texts anything that you have to do in order to drum up more business now sometimes we invent things to be busier so an.

Example that would be you know I have to.

Watch this webinar in the middle of the day I have to go online and do this research and read this article because it might mention something about marketing so all of that stuff the things that you feel like you need to do but really at the end of the day at the.

End of the day would it kill you if you didn’t do them basically this is.

Your busy work okay and number three and be honest list all the things that you.

Do during your work day that really have nothing to do with work so checking emails are not work-related or answering texts or talking to your mom or grabbing you know an extra five cups of coffee and walking or.

Whatever it is be absolutely honest with yourself because I’m not telling you have to cut everything out we just have to prioritize things so make sure that you are writing all of this stuff down okay now for the exciting part go back to that first list so the first list.

Was the stuff that you would have to get done that is directly related to you making money and I want you to circle the items that you would work on and get done.

If you only had three hours a day to work on them good okay now I want you to go back to that same list and I want you to underline the items that you would focus on if you only had three hours a week to work on them okay now.

Let’s say I controlled your life and I told you that under no circumstance could you do anything more than three things on your.

Second list so this is your busy list this.

Is your texting emails phone calls whatever that is so only three things that you could work on a week from that list okay now I want you to go back to that original first list I want you to look at the things that you have underlined now ask yourself this if I could only get one of these done today that.

Would result in me feeling satisfied which item would that be and then circle it underline it right next to it this is your life or death task the task that if not done.

Would actually cause your business to close down if you didn’t get to it this is the task that trumps all your.


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