Productivity Tips For Work – How To Get More Done In A Day

While surfing you get pulled down the rabbit hole or.

Watching every cat video every dog video and wondering why your family posts the worst pictures of you all of the time okay some of you may not be this bad but be honest with yourself if you’re given a longer timeframe to accomplish something do you jump.

Right in to it accomplished mode or does that just give you more time to be a little more distracted now if you’re not sure if this is you ask yourself this question do you find yourself getting down to that last week or.

The last day and still realizing that you have.

The majority of the work to do so then you cram everything that you had three weeks to do into one week or into two days and you do get it accomplished but you’re stressed out of.

Your mind look I’m not pointing fingers I think we all do this I’ll get these blogs written filmed and edited by Wednesday she says determined on Sunday and then finds herself writing like a mad person all night Tuesday into the wee hours of Wednesday when she shoots and edits into the wee hours of Thursday we all do it if there’s something that we.

Entrepreneurs are really really good at its being busy and I’m not saying we’re not busy but I think because we are juggling so many different things we have a.

Hard time prioritizing what is actually important and because our minds are so frazzled we think that if we just take a.

Little time here to do something and take a little time there to waste a little time like that it’ll help us but really it’s doing the complete opposite its prolonging the pain of getting everything done and then the guilt that comes on is when we haven’t accomplished what we need to accomplish and that’s.

Why it’s so important to be able to zero in on those important tasks so at the end of the day you feel like.

You’ve accomplished something otherwise you’re gonna start doubting yourself and that doubt is gonna turn into a feeling of failure and failure will turn into fear and fear is paralyzing and it.

Can keep you from getting anything done again and you give up on your dream and I don’t want that for you guys so let’s jump right in and see exactly what we need to do to get these things accomplished schedule and offer desks so that.

We feel great at the end of the day now any of this is resonating with you comment below and say yes I feel overwhelmed and how do we.

Do that we implement one simple rule the task that you decide to make priority must directly result in you making income I’m sure somewhere you are say but they’re all important.

All my tasks are on everything that I do is important okay we’re gonna we’re gonna sort through some of these things together we live in a constant world of distraction there’s always something that is grabbing for our attention whether it’s important or not but here this the unimportant will become.

Important if you let it whether these are forced tasks like answering every text message in every email from a client just the second we get them or their tasks that we’ve invented to keep ourselves busy because as entrepreneurs we can do that sometimes these tasks will.


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