Productivity Tips For Work – How To Get More Done In A Day

Have you ever gotten to the end of the day and felt like you accomplished nothing even though you were busy all day long hi it’s Susie Susie booyah calm and in today’s video I’m gonna show you three steps on how to identify the most important projects that you need to get done so that at the end of the.

Day you feel like you’ve accomplished something you worked and you move your business.

Forward as entrepreneurs we have and sometimes it’s difficult to figure out what the really important tasks are not taking the time.

To identify these will result in you feeling overstressed unprepared overworked and under accomplished in this video I’m gonna show you three ways to identify the most important projects you need to get done and how to schedule them in so they actually do get done we’ll also look at some of the tasks that may not be as beneficial as you think so you can stop wasting your precious time on the unimportant and concentrate on the things that will actually make you money now before we move on.

For quick and easy ways to implement simple business strategies subscribe to my channel hit the bell to be notified when I post a new video all right let’s jump right in now Parkins law dictates that tasks will grow in importance and complexity in direct relation to the time frame that is allocated to their completion.

Translation the more time you give yourself to do something the more important and complex it will become so let me give you an example what I mean okay let’s say you only had 24 hours to complete a project this timeframe would force you to focus on the execution of that task you would have no.

Option but to focus on doing only the bare essentials you would focus on what.

You know and hit the most important points and drive those forward all right so now let’s say you had a week to complete the.

Exact same project what’s that going to look like you would sit down plan out a strategy do some extra research maybe check out what others are doing see if there are any new resources you might need to look into it’s still not a lot of time but you’ll probably end up spending a lot of the time narrowing down your ideas and establishing what process you’re gonna use to implement to get the.

Let’s say that you have the exact same project but you have an entire month to get it done and.

Let’s say you’re excited about this project so you go back to your desk you start dreaming up all these creative and new and innovative ways that you’re gonna get this done now you might look at what others are doing but instead of copying the successful one you decide.

Little bit different a little bit more unique because you want to make it super awesome of course implementing your new way of doing this will now require you to learn some new things maybe watch a few webinars maybe pick up a book but.

You’re just gonna skim through it just for the important things that you need in order to make this happen now depending what industry you’re in you might jump on Facebook you might jump on Instagram to do some more research and to see what others are doing and see if you can grasp for any really important information and of course.


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