Working With Evernote | Ep 32 | Advanced Project Planning

I didn’t want to bore you with just adding more and more stuff these lists could get very very long and when you’re planning a big project like this it’s not going to happen in five minutes it’s gonna take maybe five days it could even take four or five weeks as you’re going through this and keeping everything you never know as you’re adding it.

And as you’re brainstorming it and as you’re developing the project it depends of course how much time you have before the actual wedding day but those are the kind of things that you need to be thinking about and Evernote gives you a.

Wonderful platform to add enough subtract and just play around with ideas before you take it into your next actions off when you start delivering on your next actions and that’s really what I wanted to show you today so with Evernote these notes and the the flexibility that you have to create such a complex plan and I’d say wedding planning is a complex business and there’s also a lot of time pressures involved and the good thing about Evernote is.

You can actually add a reminder to this note so you can.

Actually turn this note into an action orientated note to check every day or every two weeks or every three weeks entirely up to you obviously I don’t need to do that because in the next episode I’m going to show you how I would actually process this project but anyway hopefully this gives you an idea now one of.

My viewers and I’m really sorry I’ve forgotten his name did ask during the week about what would I do with this or if this original planning though would I keep the planning note as well as have it in my to do it well the answer that is yes.

I would keep this planning note because you may you never know this is a wedding and hopefully you only ever get married once but there could be other projects that you develop in the future that are similar to a project that you’ve done before.

And you can use that as reference material and I would actually use the original note as a reference material just to make sure that I’ve.

Thought of everything and as you.

Know when you’re thinking you can get all sorts.

You could be just taking your dog for a walk or you could be walking to work or you could be on a bus or you could be even taking a shower and you suddenly get a brilliant idea but the idea needs developing more then again this is where Evernote comes in handy because you can just drop that idea up it as and when it comes okay I do hope.

That this episode has taken you to the next level of.

Project planning and show you shows you how Evernote can really really help to empty all those ideas that you have in your head out.

And into an external system that you can trust okay thank you very much for watching this episode episode 32 don’t forget to join me again in the next episode.

And also for those of you who follow my to do a series don’t forget that the next part to this and how you would take this into todoist will come in the next episode so I wish you all a very very productive week and I will see you very soon.


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