Working With Evernote | Ep 32 | Advanced Project Planning

Hello and welcome to episode 32 of my working with Evernote series in this episode I want to take you to the next level of project planning of the natural project planning method of GTD now one of my viewers called inside system thank you very much for watching inside system has asked me how would I develop a rather more.

Complex project than just a simple project that I gave you last week.

So in this week’s episode I want to show you how I would actually develop a more complex system and as I was thinking about what.

Kind of project would we put together well wedding yeah putting together a.

Wedding is something that is a very complex project and I think is a very good example of how you can develop a project such as this now in this episode I’m going to show you.

How we would do the basic project planning in Evernote and in a later episode or the next episode which I will publish on Wednesday I will show you how I would take all that into todoist but for now let’s focus on Evernote now first of all for those of you who like to do something more visual like a mind map in a traditional sense well by all means do in mind.

Map like I have done here I set up this mind map earlier today and I’ve just gone and lost that oh we’ve got oh dear we’ve got the this spinning wheel of death anyway so here we go we have the just a quick mind map that I put together of how I would you know the kind of.

Things that you would think about if you were planning a wedding and what I would then do is as you can see I’ve taken a picture of this on my on my desk and then what I would do is I would import that picture now to be honest with you we.

Never know I would take the picture directly in Evernote which is why as you can see here if I tap on that that’s going to open up over there so if I go back into Evernote what you can see here is this picture.
Is now in black and white because what I’ve done.

Is I’ve scanned this picture directly into Evernote using Evernote picture scanning thing so let’s go back down to the basic cell we’ve got the purpose.

Purpose okay to to organize my wedding yeah my dear to organize my wedding let’s keep this nice and personal so there’s organized my wedding the vision would be to have to have a very successfully planned wedding day I mean maybe that’s not and then what I’m gonna do is I’m.

Gonna then we would brainstorm so what we would do is we’d pull out all the various things from here so let’s start wedding.

Guess how many so what we would do is we would start writing out the next actions here I’m sorry I’ve got them in bold and do we know any wedding photographers what budget you know what I mean you can get all sorts of a budget Casabella again today and wedding reception and wear et cetera so you can just randomly pull out all your ideas and just get them.

Typed out now the next thing is is next actions now this is where you would be slightly different from the basic project planning because with a wedding you’re gonna have very many different parts to setting up a wedding as.

You can see from up here we have like wedding guest list guest photographer wedding reception honeymoon now what I would do if I had actually been doing this on a mindmap like this I would probably say organize it like that but let’s just go next action so I’m gonna separate.

These by title and so what I’m gonna do is let’s start wedding guests and because these are next actions I’d be thinking about what sort of things so wedding reception honeymoon of course is going to be very important and what else would I have in there probably our photographer and what else let’s have a look we’ve got in their wedding reception guest wedding guest list oh budget yeah but she’s gonna be very important and and so on so what we’ve.

Done here is we’ve got a few things here so wedding guests and then I’m gonna put in how many guests do we want now as.
You’re progressing through his you might want to these are gonna.

Be your sub projects so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna highlight or I’m gonna bold the sub.

Project so it just makes it.

Easier to see them when I actually move these over to todoist so how many guests do we want so I’m thinking okay talk to my partner about numbers and so that’s maybe one reading reception let’s think about well so we’re so again what we’re gonna have to do is we’re gonna have to start putting these into verbs or action.

Verbs so decide where we want reception and how much again we are sorry I should be putting in verse so decide how much of our but do we want to spend.

Honeymoon again look at budgetary things here so how much again we got a we’re gonna use the verbs I gotta get used to this dessert I I normally have more time to go through and I would plan this.

Over a few days maybe even a couple of weeks with such a big project like this before I move it into my todoist so decide where we want to go talk to partner about how they know I’m going to use British English holiday entitlements.

Because you need to know how much holiday you can have from your work and ok we got that one and then photographer now let’s just save join my brainstorming session I decided that ok I could talk to Tim about his photographer friend so you get the idea we can just add in tasks as we go down them but what you got to do is particularly if you’re using Evernote with the sorry if you’re using todoist with this.

You need to be thinking about how you’re going to structure the project in Evernote so this is where I would.

Probably start doing that sort of thinking underneath and the next actions I’d be thinking about how I’m gonna create my sub projects now for those of you who don’t use Evernote and just sorry don’t use todoist but use Evernote for your planning then you can actually just go down.

And sort of like highlight these like that and create a the check point so now you’ve got the check points in here and you can do the same for this.

One you can just add the check points underneath once you’ve got the list it’s very easy to do so I’m gonna get rid of those because I’m gonna use.

To do it for this in the next episode but you get the idea of how you would expand a more complex project and I know that a wedding is gonna be a very complex project and I’m sure that if you.


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