A Pro Tip Series: Evernote Search

Hello everyone its Francesco here i’m an evernote community leader and i’m also a youtuber who speaks about 50 apps and resources including likes of evernote to help you be more productive in your daily routine now what i wanted to do in this video is taking a look at evernote search now evidence search is one of those features that.

Really allows you to go deep with your Evernote experience now everything you’ve ever added or brought into Evernote can now be.

Searched and found at any given point whether that’s a document whether that’s handwriting whether that’s.

A PDF or whether that’s notes or tags or the lots all the information that you’ve put into Evernote which is great and search is one of those features that is really exciting because you can just go up to the top hand corner.

And find anything you like it’s very powerful so I’m going to quickly show you how the.

Sort of basic search works some of the functionality here is great and then I’m gonna show you a few of the more advanced abilities of search so let’s get started with that search bar up in the top right hand corner as you can see this is Evernote for Mac but the search works in a very similar way when you were using it on the different devices so as you can see here.

The search part is is really like it opens up and it’s got a lot of features since you can see here you can search either.

All notes or my notes if you’re on a business account you can have that as a secondary option there so you’ve.

Got recent searches here that will appear so it will bring up a few of the searches that I’ve already made the last five which is handy because if you’re like quickly going to summing on occasions or you’re in a project and you’re like need to get something quick it’s all there at the bottom here you’ll see an search option once you click this you can actually narrow it down to a specific notebook you can narrow it down to the tag you want.

To use you can even narrow it down to what it contains that’s from everything from images all the way over to moleskin notebooks notes so it’s actually has the ability to detect the multimedia inside now you can use the source as well you can actually see whether it’s from email all the way over to scansnap and also the date when it was created before after or between certain dates or even modified so let’s start searching for stuff so.

For example I’m going to search lectures and as you can see a couple of suggestions will appear I can.

Actually go through these and be like oh is this what I meant or I can go down to one of the recommendations which is tanks.
Because I actually have a tag which is for lectures so if I tap.

This one what will come up is all of the lecture slides that all all of the lecture notes then I have that have the tagged lectures this is very helpful you can also do this full handwriting – it’s got a really smart ability to be able to detect handwriting.
So for example our search idea as you can.

See here it’s actually picked by deer out as handwriting that is a really impressive ability inside of Evernote so you’re probably wondering how can I make this even more advanced now if you go over to the search bar you can start learning the syntax behind all of this so for example if I typed in in title and then a colon and lectures so as.

You can see here I’ve just searched in title lectures which is a syntax and it’s brought up all of the titles inside.

Of Evernote that I had with lectures in it which is pretty impressive now if I wanted to do the same maybe for a notebook that I know of maybe one of the university ones that I’ve got if i press notebook MKT three or five that was one of the.

Modules I can see all of those are pieces of work that I hadn’t signed they’re all of the notes I had which is it very fast and for example if I had almost like if I wouldn’t see any note in my entire setup with the word pizza in let’s see what comes up so whatever note did is it brought up all of.

The mentions of Pizza inside of my Evernote account now apparently I have a fair few mentions and plans to have Pizza already so if you want to start learning some of the syntax abilities in sign of Evernote search you.

Can do will include a link that will document all of the ways that you can use them and you’ll learn them in note which is great and it will be easier for you to search you’ll be a speedy search master by the end of it anyway guys I hope this video was helpful in showing you how Evernote search works as you can imagine over years and years of.

Building your Evernote count up or even as you get started evidence search can be very helpful for finding all of the right stuff at any given time so thanks very much guys make sure to have a great day keep productive and.

Also you guys very soon Cheers.



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