How To Use Evernote | Basics For Students [lecturio]

Camera so these handwritten notes can actually be searched this is a very powerful feature called optical character recognition or OCR so Evernote looks at images in your notes to identify text even handwritten notes so let’s do an example also for viruses depend on the diagram so I’m going to put tag diagram boom here we go so it recognized my handwriting RNA viruses at the top and even highlighted the word.

Viruses within this handwritten diagram that I made so here’s another example I wrote in an actual notebook and use the scannable app to quickly import the image into Evernote so my handwriting is absolutely horrendous.

In this note but Evernote was still able to recognize a few words like hand is right there this is particularly useful for me during third and fourth.

Years in med school also known as the clinical years where you are not in the classroom taking notes on your computer instead you’re in the hospital and I would just jot.

Down brief notes on a small notebook just to capture an idea or important pearl now Evernote premium comes with this handy feature allowing you to annotate either images or documents within or the entire note as a PDF you can draw arrows you can add text like this you can you can add additional notes.

Etc so you can you have a great deal of flexibility with this feature and you can do the same thing on your mobile device so whether that’s your tablet or your phone I often used the annotate feature on my iPad when I was going through research articles on PDF and I had a stylus and I could just highlight it if it was real paper on the document you can.

Also share or collaborate on files.

Or entire notebooks with other people you can choose whether they can view or also edit the actual notes I honestly don’t think that these sharing features are quite as strong as what you can do with Google Docs or Google Drive but if your friends are using Evernote it’s usually good enough to get the job done I’ve used.

It a few times when dividing up work with a classmate and it’s worked well for us now lastly you can use Evernote completely free and that’s where I recommend that you start after trying out the free service.

You can then decide if it’s worth it for you to upgrade I personally now use the premium service there is a student discount available on their.

Website the reason I upgraded from the free service is that with the premium you get additional storage the ability to search within documents the ability to annotate including on mobile devices and offline copies on my mobile devices however I again recommend that you start with a free version see how you like.

It before you upgrade to the premium I’d like to thank like cheerio for making this video possible so if you are either a pre-med or med student this service.

Will definitely benefit you they provide video lectures.

By educators from top institutions like Harvard Yale and Johns Hopkins they also provide quiz questions.

And topic reviews all of which prepare medical students for USMLE step 1 step 2 or step 3 and pre-meds for the MCAT they also recently launched a pretty cool feature called book matcher where you take a photo of your book page whether that’s first aid and it will provide you relevant videos that will help to explain those concepts so you can learn more here on their website at curio comm they also have some free videos on their YouTube channel so if you are interested go to luxury OU.

Back slash insider or use the coupon code insider 20 for 20% off your subscription alright guys that is it for this video thank you all so much.

For watching if you like the video make sure you press that like button new videos every week so hit subscribe if you have not already and I’ll see you guys in the next one you.


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