How To Use Evernote | Basics For Students [lecturio]

What’s going on guys Jay from med school insiders comm many of you have asked for a tutorial on one of my favorite productivity apps Evernote to give you a brief overview Evernote is a powerful notetaking application I use it as my main tool for organizing notes in medical school its main competitors at the current moment are Microsoft OneNote.

And apples and notes this however is not a comparison video Evernote strength is.

In its search function you don’t have to worry about meticulously organizing your notes in order to find what you are looking for you can throw all your notes ideas and projects that Evernote and it will help you manage them all with minimal effort in this video I’ll be giving you a brief overview of how to use Evernote effectively as.
So how do you actually use Evernote it’s organized into a series.

Of notebooks and notes you can also make stacks which are groups of notebooks like this one here which is ms1 for the first year of medical school and the.

Student I created stacks for each of my years in medical school and within those.
Stacks I created notebooks for each subject or block.

So if you’re a college student I would use course titles or descriptions like chemistry physics English etc for med school there are systems like cardiology gastroenterology Emmitt ology etc so let’s look at a quick example to demonstrate within the first year I took msk which is a musculoskeletal I created individual notes for each lecture I also create.

A condensed notes or summary sheets for each lecture to facilitate a more active learning process in the note for the lecture I imported the PDF document that the professor shared with us in Evernote you can insert files within your note so I often place either the PowerPoint or PDF file that accompanies a lecture into the Evernote note as a reference you can then open the file from there and take notes within the.

Document or annotate and save again the search function is Evernote strengths so the program will actually index the content within the file therefore when you search you’ll also be.

Looking within these documents so this hierarchy is a more traditional way to organize.

Your notes another powerful way to add another.

Level of organization is with tags you can add several tags to each note so let’s look at.

Some examples so right here is anatomy in each block we were going over relevant Anatomy to that system so for example in cardiology we learned about the anatomy of the.

And vasculature and pulmonology we learned about lung.

Anatomy in GI we learned about the digestive system anatomy etc so rather than placing each anatomy lecture in a separate notebook I tagged each one with anatomy so if I need to find any notes on Anatomy I can search for this tag and they all show up here while I do prefer the convenience the efficiency and the flexibility of.

Taking notes digitally there are definitely advantages to paper notes drawing diagrams or taking notes on the go such as when you’re not at a desk are usually easier with a pen and paper I combine both and occasionally write notes or draw diagrams in my moleskin notebook and import the image using my phone’s.


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