How To Have A Super Productive Day | Google Calendar/keep Guide To Set Up Your Week

Way that’s gonna be my rest day for the gym so we have Sunday.

Through Saturday here I have the first thing I did when I started was I set up the gym routine so I put in.

Exactly what it is that I want to work out when I want to work out so between 7 a. every week I work out and this is kind of the program that I’m running right now so that I can hit I’m prioritizing my shoulders because I realized I’ve.

Been like I’ve been barely hitting shoulders at all so I’m gonna start working out shoulders a lot more often so we have legs doubts traps on Monday back biceps forums on Tuesday chest triceps delts on Wednesday legs and traps on Thursday back biceps and forearms on Friday chest delts and triceps on Saturday.

And then I rest on Sunday and after that I have work Sunday Monday Thursday Friday Saturday I’m off Tuesdays and Wednesdays and also on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays I do like to take 30 minutes to do my cardio after work just to get you know some blood pumping and some endorphins released after work and I can feel a little bit better actually start working on.

Whatever it is that I’m gonna work because after I’m done working at work I come home and I start working on whatever videos that it is and I’m trying to do so yeah also I have down here the.

Meditate for about 20 minutes every night and that’s just something that I’m practicing trying to build that habit as well and then all this blank stuff all these blank spaces that’s where you would that’s.

Where I would put right here I have my main calendar here I have my gym routines my work hours I also have my bills as well but that’s not where I’m gonna cover that on this video then you can just kind of.

Set that up yourself the main candidate I use for filling in these blank spots so if I ever have anything that I need to fill in I can just put it in all these empty spots and I know that I’m.

Gonna be free in those times so it makes it a lot easier when planning whatever it isn’t I’m planning on doing then another thing that I do throughout my day when I’m not on the computer or on my phone is I’ll have obviously I will open the app.

On my phone and I’ll just put something on my to-do list so if I have let’s say I have two doctor’s appointment doctor’s appointment on Wednesday Wednesday at 5 p. I’ll put that in there because it takes a lot longer to put it into the actual into this thing when you’re.

On your phone is a lot harder so what I do is I’ll put it in Google key but it’ll be there and it’ll stay there and make it a lot easier so when I come at the end that I do this every night I’ve come at night and I’ll look at my calendar.

And I’ll see I’ll do it like on a day-to-day basis so let’s say today I put today today’s Thursday and I say next.
I’ll just come in here at night – Wednesday 5.

Doctor’s appointment and you can also put it to remind you like an hour before 30 minutes before an hour before and it’ll remind you and it’ll send the notification to your phone as well so it makes that a lot easier – so you just put save and then boom now it’s in there and on the 13th at 4:00 p.

it’ll send you a notification that you have a doctor’s appointment in.

An hour so that you don’t miss it and it just makes your life a whole lot easier so that you stop forgetting stuff because this is especially important learned this from jordan peterson if you.

Guys haven’t heard who that is search him.

On youtube his lectures are amazing but something that he brought to my attention was why i.

Already knew about it but he kind of reminded me that i have a pretty bad a DD so i forget like within seconds and also the most of my decision-making is very impulsive and emotion based so.

This kind of makes me become a more logical thinker and it reminds me to do things when i need to do that it makes my life a whole lot easier for planning it’s like having your own personal assistant to remind you to do all your now with that said it’s pretty basic and it is 100% free so if you guys are interested just set up a gmail account and then just use the calendar widget that they.

Have right up here that’s how you get to it so if you have if you’re on your gmail not gonna go into my gmail you guys reading my but if you go to the email.

And you click on these little dots you’ll just click on calendar and then that’s pretty much how you get to here and then Google keep is the.

Same thing you click here you click more and keep and then you can download it on the Apple Store or the.

Play Store whatever it is that.

You have so yeah with that said I hope you guys did enjoy that video thank you guys for watching I really appreciate it you guys got any knowledge journey.

Tidbits that you enjoyed leave a comment below if you guys have any tips anything that you do to prep plan out your days that you would recommend I use by all means comment below I’m.

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