How To Have A Super Productive Day | Google Calendar/keep Guide To Set Up Your Week

What’s going on guys Gabriel here welcome back to another one of my videos in today’s video as the title says we’re gonna be talking about how to have the most productive day ever yo how creepy would it be if flexing around a person just walk opens that door walks through I’d die anyways I’m gonna go over with you.

Guys what it is that I do on a weekly but now I can’t stuff looking at the door that’s creepy as anyways I’m.

Gonna show you guys what it is that I do on a weekly basis to plan my weeks out to make sure that their most productive days ever it’s something that I used to do when I lived back in Miami and as I moved away.

Old routines in my old habits so now I’m just gonna try to get back into it and I’m gonna show you guys what.

It is that I do so without further ado actually no I want to note one other thing obviously it’s gonna be different for me than it is for you because my work hours are completely different so keep that in mind and don’t just copy and paste with exactly what I’m doing put your stuff in and then figure it.

Out another thing I want to note is that it’s okay to break this this these are guidelines.

This isn’t a set in stone thing that you have to do so if you’re working out between 7:00 and 9:30 a.

Workout pushes say like 9:45 10:00 I would just.

Keep working out if you don’t have anything else to do it’s okay you know.

You and also between the it’s okay to you know overlap and push into the second thing as long as you don’t have something else to do so if you. and your workouts it’s already 9:30 by all means stop working out but if you don’t have anything to do then just let your you know your thing overlap another thing you want to do is leave.

Some leeway so when you set up like right here you can kind of see in the corner I have between 7 and 9:30.

I’m working out but I work at 10:30 so I have to be out of the gym by 10:00 in order to make it to work on time.

So between 9:30 and 10:00 I’m showering in the gym and stuff like that so you want to leave a little bit of leeway so that if you were to mess up a little bit you’ll still be okay be able to.

Make make the next that you’re trying to work on so without further ado let me make myself tiny and then I will get into teaching you guys what it is that I do so the two things that I use personally one is Google Calendar which if you don’t have Google Calendar it.

Is free you just need a new gmail account which Gmail is probably the best email anyway so get rid of AOL and your whatever-the-hell other emails you having to start using Google Calendar and Gmail other thing I use is Google keep it’s basically a notepad but it is cross-platform so you can take anything you put on the computer will be on your smartphone anything you put on your smartphone or Android or Apple computer will transfer between all the platforms so it makes it a lot easier.

Here I have a fake to-do list and just kind of for demonstration purposes so.

I already went ahead and put in let me show you on a weekly basis here I have January so for some reason Google Calendar starts on Sundays and that’s fine that’s not a big deal either.


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