112: The 9 Productivity Tools I Use Everyday To Run My Wedding Venue

I haven’t found that we needed that because I don’t want to encourage clients to text me we don’t allow text communication so that’s one reason we don’t use that level but do know that if you’re interested in that there are a couple other levels of acuity that you can choose to purchase so that’s it my friends that’s nine tools I use on a daily basis for Vista view events a lot of them are free or have free.

Options like I mentioned at the top of the episode there is.

Guide with all of these details including the examples of.

How I use them and the price and the link to find them over at she creates business podcast comm /blog forward slash episode 112 or just pop into your show notes click the link and you’ll be taken right over there you don’t need to enter your email address to get that PDF it’s free to you there’s no you know exchange for email so just grab it and then that way you can start to decide if some of these productivity tools.

Will work for you I like to talk about productivity I’m constantly learning how to be more productive I’m definitely a student of productivity I don’t have anything mastered yet if you want to chat about it or if you have more questions about.

Any of these tools or other tools you can DM me on instagram i’m at she creates business or email me Kinzie it she creates business podcast calm until then I will see you next time.

For an interview episode that’s for those 2% people out there but hope you have a.

Great day wherever you are thanks so much for tuning in and we’ll see you next time thank you so much for listening to she creates business please take a minute and head to iTunes to leave an honest review.

So we can help more wedding pros find the show you.


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