112: The 9 Productivity Tools I Use Everyday To Run My Wedding Venue

Times a day and check my email so that’s one of them I that’s the third productivity tool is having those email accounts on my phone specifically for the Gmail calendars because I use those for everything our weddings from Deb Sato are even.

Synced to our gmail account so I know when a weddings coming up I mean hopefully I wish I should know.

That without my gmail calendar but you know what I mean okay number four productivity tool I use for Vista View events is the native voice recorder app on my iPhone I believe that androids have something similar but.

I all iPhones come with a native voice recorder app and I use it a lot actually I’ll.

Use it for even outside of the venue which I’ll share in another episode but for the venue specifically if Katie and I are brainstorming in a wedding especially during dinner time when we’re not doing anything and we’re kind of just hanging out outside we do a.

Lot of business dreaming and there’s things that we talked about adding to our contract or policies that we want to change for the 2019 season or beyond and I want to remember all of the things that we talked about so I’ll quickly record a voice note to myself and I can make those changes to our.

Contracts or make additions or what have you and remember what our conversation was or another way I use that app.

Is during a tour or a final walkthrough at the venue I will be taking very minimum minimal notes just to remind myself of what we talked about.

Because I don’t want to be sitting there writing a paragraph when I should.

Be looking at the person in the face and then after right after the tour when everyone leaves I will sit down with my notepad and my voice recorder app and record an.

Extensive voice message to myself that gives all of the details of what I need to follow up on what I need to send to the couple or to other vendors etc etc so those are two ways that I use the voice recorder app in a really efficient manner and that is again the native voice recorder app that automatically comes with an iPhone so it’s free number-5 actually might not feel like a productivity tool to you but it.

Is for me and those are the power sheets from Laura Casey and cultivate what matters I really love using the power sheets and I consider them a productivity tool among other things but I consider them a productivity.

Tool because they really help me flesh out what I’m focusing on in this season.

Of my life or what I’m focusing on in the next couple of quarters what’s really important to me what really matters and those answers to all those things what matters to me what’s important to me etc those actually drive my.

Monthly daily weekly actions.

Right so I figure out what’s really important to me via power sheets and I make my attending list if you don’t have power sheets attending lists doesn’t make sense to you but if you do use power sheets you know what I mean if you know.

Then by making sure I’m outlining what is actually important to me I can make sure I am you know daily weekly monthly doing things that bring me closer.

To those goals and I feel like that is a productivity tool number six is text expander text expander is sort of you know like.

Using keystrokes on your computer or canned emails and Gmail in a way as a venue owner and.

I know you know as a photographer or a planner you get a lot of the same questions over and over and over again and/or your writing you know salutations at the ends of emails or what have you I put all of those in.

My text expander and what happens is you dump it into text expander and then you create a simple stroke and it automatically populates everything for you so that you’re not actually typing it out here are two examples so a really easy example is.

I save my favorite email sign-offs in text expander and I save I think I have five saved because I don’t like to tell people the same exact thing all the time so I’ll switch it up but I just click one little two buttons and boom my sign-off has automatically populated into my email and I can send.

It off or even better here’s the bigger ways I use text expander I get the.

Same questions about the venue from clients especially if they haven’t gone through our Deb Sato contact form and haven’t.

Gotten my automated email maybe they just email me directly.

From – hello of his to view events everybody wants to know the same questions you know tell me more about what’s included in your venue how much does it cost etc etc all those basic questions right well that’s the same answer I.

Personalize the email but the bulk of it the meet of the email what they want to know is always the same for everybody it’s you know the venue’s the venue so I have that in text expander I just hit two keys and boom four paragraphs automatically fill out in the email and then I just personalize it a little.

Bit sign off also a text expander and send it out and it takes me literally one minute to answer you know have paragraphs of email and so that they have all the information they need it saves tons of time.

And I really like using it I started using it actually with acuity and they that’s something that we use in our attic UT.

Scheduling to stay productive and I started using it in my personal business as well number seven is put them together I could have made them seven and eight but they’re they’re essentially pretty similar so Dropbox and Google Drive.

Those were both storage tools that I use for lots of big documents big files on my computer Dropbox I pay $10 a month.

One terabyte of storage and Google Drive is free I don’t know what their storage capacity is but I have not hit it yet and I use it a lot so I’m assuming it’s pretty large but I used both of them I let me should tell you let me share what I use those for I store photos from.

Our weddings at the venue from our photographers when they send us galleries we of course want to keep those so I actually store those in folders named for the couple in the year in both Google Drive and Dropbox.

Because I want them stored in two places so that way if one goes down I still have the other one and those are large files are pretty.

Like to save a lot of pictures so I once again keep them in both places you don’t have to do that but I do because I kind of like to you know better safe than sorry as they say I also in Google Drive specifically I.

Store contract samples for the venue so a lot of times before a client signs.

With us they want to read our contract or contracts depending on what.

They’re signing for and they want some samples in which we’re happy to get people in fact I wish more folks would ask for samples of contracts so I will send them an easy way.

To do that is I just copy and paste a link into an email and I actually instead of just linking the Google Drive link because it looks kind of funky I will hyperlink a piece of text like click here to see our contract sample and that whole sentence.

Will be hyperlinked and they’ll be taken straight to Google Drive it’s a view only document and they read our sample contracts and also which goes along with the third one a third way I use Google Drive and Dropbox is I you I I’m sorry I’m stuttering our wedding experience guide is loaded into Google Drive I used to put it in Dropbox but I put it in Google Drive now our wedding experience guide is an online magazine.

It tells people exactly what to expect if they’re getting married here it has a lot of pictures it has a cute quote page it has a little bit of bio about me and Katie as well as all of our fa Q’s and it’s a really big file so of course I don’t want to ever link that to an email or excuse me upload it to an email because if you if you attach big documents like that or if you attach anything period you.

Run the risk of getting sent to spam or junk especially if you’re an unknown sender to a new lead because you have something so large attached to your email and their email processor is like ooh.

To read this so they’ll have you run the risk of you know bypassing their inbox so I always encourage you just to link up big documents of any kind even.

If you’re sending emails to people you’ve communicated with in the past it really just improves your chances of not getting sent to junk.

Or spam or automatic automatically so I hyperlink our wedding experience guide and away we go and I use Dropbox and Google Drive for that and again I paid $10 a month for Dropbox there is a free plan that with for ten dollars you.

Get the one terabyte of data which has been good for us because we get a lot of photos from our photographers for galleries.

And we appreciate them number eight communication or a number eight productivity tool is actually a communication tool it’s called voxer I might have mentioned it on the show before it is an it’s an app on my.

IPhone I download it I use the free version there is also a paid version which allows you to keep the entire historical log of your conversations I.

Don’t have that I don’t really need it right now but I communicate with other business owners and other.

Professionals through Boxter it’s a nice way to be not face-to-face but voice to voice with someone I don’t always like to text because sometimes you can just solve things in.

You know 30 seconds of conversation rather than.

Going back and forth with ten text messages and boxers great for that and is also a little more personal i one thing disclaimer here I do not communicate with clients on boxer so.

I use it for the venue with other vendors and other professionals I don’t communicate with clients via boxer or via text for that matter and then finally number.

Nine I’m sure this is not surprising acuity scheduling I full disclosure I work for them but I would use it if I didn’t I use acuity scheduling to schedule to private tours at the venue ceremony rehearsals and final walk throughs I do not go back and forth with my brides about what time they’re available for these things or my clients.

If someone emails me after they’ve looked at the calendar and say and gives us you know their personal circumstances such as my husband works on weekends I can only come on Wednesday night to see the venue then we absolutely make those concessions but we don’t volunteer those concessions because truth be told boundaries equals freedom and eight out of ten sometimes even just nine out of ten couples will pick a time that you’ve already said you’re available it really brings freedom to your schedule because you know I only do client phone calls.

On Wednesday nights or whatever it is for you for me we only do tours after weddings on Sundays and a couple of times during the week in the winter that’s that’s us right that’s what we do and I don’t have to think to myself Hajji every single night this week I’m out at the venue during tours and like I say most people pick a time that we have available.

So that saves me from having to go back and forth with them on that and if they don’t it’s a usually very special circumstance and we’re happy to make an adjustment but that’s for the few right it’s not the many and it also it cuts down on that communication that can become confusing like Oh Sally are you available Wednesday at 6:00 to meet.

Oh I’m actually not because I’m going to the movies can I do Thursday.

Morning no you can’t because that’s when I go to my bar class like it’s just annoying stop doing that get out of your email inbox for scheduling I please please please please please get an online scheduler put in your hours that you want to work and.

It may be even a few that you’re like okay I know these are popular hours for now and get out of your inbox and stop going back and forth with when to meet people you don’t have to do that anymore acuity for me is free because it is attached to my Squarespace website we use Squarespace for Vista View events and if you are a Squarespace client Squarespace and accuity have a deal where you can.

Get there a cuties emerging entrepreneur plan which is their $15 plan full free it’s awesome so if that’s you and you aren’t using acuity yet you can DM me on Instagram or shoot me an email and I will tell you how to get that it’s super fun super easy and you will.

Be excited about your schedule acuity has a couple of other two.

Other payment options you can do a $25 a month plan or a $50 a month plan and that really just depends on how many features you think you need so for instance you can get text message reminder a text message reminder if you have the $25.


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