112: The 9 Productivity Tools I Use Everyday To Run My Wedding Venue

Pay $25 a month if I had to it’s definitely worth it if you’re at that stage of business that’s how much tip Sato is you can also pay yearly if you’d like to we pay monthly grammerly is the second productivity tool grammar grammar Lee is a Chrome extension it’s installed.

Browser on my iMac and it’s a spell check tool essentially you know bare-bones explanation its spell checks anywhere on my computer I’m typing something so I don’t have to use a word doc or a special word processor to make sure I’m getting things correct anytime I’m typing whether it be an email whether it be in.

A word doc whether it be oh here’s a great example which I love canva I use canva as my design tool because I designed my.

Own graphics for the venue and it also works inside of canvas so if I’m typing text on a graphic grammarly will pop up if I’ve spelled something wrong and helps me correct it and it also gives you the correct spelling and then you just click it automatically changes it for you it’s.

Very handy I use the free version there is a paid version as well there okay.

Number three that’s all I have to say about Graham really then number three productivity tool for Vista View events is I actually.

My calendars on my phone my phone sort of feels like a 100 pound gorilla that’s not a very heavy gorilla six hundred pound gorilla or whatever they.

I don’t know somebody tell me how much a gorilla weighs would you my phone feels heavy it’s what I’m trying to say.

Because all my social media apps were on there all my email accounts which I have a lot and calendars and things of that nature and.

I realize I tried to take my email off.

Of my phone but I it it harmed me because I.

Can’t remember everything and I’m not great especially after having kids and just well I just truly cannot remember stuff you friends so I actually had to put my.

So I could have access to my gmail calendars I really needed them for reminders to see what was happening that day because I’m very dedicated to entering things in my Google calendars but I needed those reminders otherwise I would forget and so what I actually learned to do though is to turn.

Off the mail function of those.

Accounts on my iPhone so I can still get the calendar function of those Gmail accounts but the mail isn’t coming through and what I’ll do is just two times a day I’ll turn on the mail function if I’m out and about if I’m not at my desktop to see who’s emailed me and to see if anything’s really important that I need to get back to and then.

I’ll turn it right back off so I’m not constantly inundated with email because before I learned how to do that before I learned how to turn off the mail function and just get the calendar I was constantly refreshing my email.

Like a complete psycho and I couldn’t stop I could not stop.

It was an addiction and so I finally learned how to turn off the mail function and I only turn it on a couple times a day if I’m out and about if I’m at my house then I sit down three.


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