112: The 9 Productivity Tools I Use Everyday To Run My Wedding Venue

This is she creates business a podcast for wedding pros your host Kinsey Roberts interviews incredible women in the wedding industry who are making their mark and creating success on their terms join the conversation hello and welcome to episode 12 if she creates business a podcast for wedding pros this is your host Kinsey Roberts and today it’s just you.

And I surprise it is a tip Tuesday episode if you are new to the podcast a tip Tuesday episode is a solo episode where you.

About something I am doing in my own wedding business I own Vista view events that open her ranch with my sister-in-law it is a wedding venue here on our family ranch in Colorado in the Rocky Mountains today I’m talking to you about my nine.

Productivity tools I use on a daily basis for the venue and I give you the cost of each tool if it has a cost I also give you a couple of examples of how I am specifically using that tool in the venue business to give you some ideas about how you could potentially use it in your own business if you are looking for some productivity.
Tools before I jump in to this episode there’s.

Three things that I want to tell you the first thing I want to tell you is that the venue Academy wait list is still open I really want you to join me in the venue.

Academy hosted by Lindsay Lucas if you are someone who wants to own a venue if you want to build a venue purchase a venue be a venue runner period like I am the venue Academy is for you I have a solo.

Episode coming out all about the venue Academy.

And what it includes but for.

Now if you just want to be notified when it opens how much it costs the bonuses I’m offering you will have lots of one-on-one time with me a fellow venue owner who can tell you the ins and up the inside SAP sides the upside down and I say that right you know what I mean go to she creates business.

Podcast com click on the venue Academy at the top hop on the waitlist I’m not gonna email you anything else except for venue Academy related items and then that waitlist will be over once the course closes once the cart closes so hop on the waitlist if you’ve even thought for.

A two seconds about starting a venue because you’ll want to know more so you can make a decision about whether or not you want to join me and Lindsay number two thing is it’s my birthday as I record this it is September 24th and it’s my birthday today I am 31 and so I have decided to give 31 percent off everything in the opt-in shop so all of my opt-in bundles which.
Include nine done-for-you opt in bundles lead magnets whatever you want.

To use them for to gather emails on your own site so that you can turn those those looky-loos those leads on your website into clients by offering them further value an opt-in bundle could be for you they come in five colors and there are a hundred bucks so go grab one they are over at she crazy business podcast calm or click the link in the show notes here while you’re listening to the podcast and the third and final thing before I talk to you.

About these tools is to tell you that I don’t think business tools make us a business owner or and sometimes they don’t even make us more productive I don’t want you to think that you need to spend multiple you know $50 times five on multiple tools every single month to have a productive or organized business a Google spreadsheet or a Google Doc will work just fine in a lot of people’s cases so please don’t.

Think that because I have tools or any of somebody else has tools that it’s going to make you more productive sometimes it doesn’t especially if you’re not managing a lot of leads or you are managing a lot of leads but you have this great system that you’re using in Google Drive with Google sheets I think that’s great continue to do what’s working for you these are just what’s working for me right now and I hope these.

Examples help you see what’s possible but I don’t want you to think if you’re not using anything.

That you need to go out there and spend a bunch of money every month to have a organized productive profitable business that is not the case and I just.

Want to show you what’s possible.

With what I use right now and a lot of these are free even so I wanted to get that disclaimer out of the way let’s dive right in these are not in sequential order except for number one because it is number one in my.

Heart because I do a lot of stuff in it and number one is of course.

Dips Auto we do have a CRM because we do manage a lot of.

Leads and clients each year and for our clients I have a lot of paperwork.

And a lot of reminders that go with that because people are engaged for 9 12 14 months and they book their venue first so we have a long relation ship with them and we want to keep it touch with them and we do that through certain automations and things of that nature in DEP Sato I used up Sato let me.

Back up really quickly and just tell you that I’m gonna do a whole episode on all of the workflows and how my personal dub Sato is set up but in this episode I’m just gonna give you a blanket general idea of how I use it number one is sub Sato all of our contracts are in there all of our addendums.

Which are things people clients need to read and sign I do all of our invoicing through Deb Sato our dip.

Sato account is integrated with stripe so stripe is actually processing the payments but everything happens in Dib Sato because it’s an integration and I have a lot of workflow set up and a workflow in dub Sato is essentially saying when this happens do this so here’s a specific example when a wedding is 65 days away dub Sato automatically send an email that reminds the client that they need to schedule their ceremony rehearsal and turn in their special event insurance certificate.

To me that’s an example of a workflow I have set up in bib Sato if you haven’t listened to episode 110 with Chelsey.

Foster I highly encourage you to go listen to that episode it was incredible it was packed with information she gives us more examples.

Of workflows and automations we can set up to organize our business and I would love for you to head back to that episode after this one of course to take a listen there number two oh let me back up dub Sato is $25 a month I paid $20 a month because I signed up for it a couple of years ago and they’ve recently raised their prices but I would.


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