Working With Todoist | Ep 175 | My Late 2018 Setup

In this week’s episode of working with todoist I reveal my late 2018 setup hello and welcome to another episode of working with todoist my name is Carl Pauline and in this week’s episode it’s that time of the year again when I reveal how I have my todoist currently set up now for those of you who’ve been following my.

Channel for quite some time you know that as the year progresses as each year progresses I modify adapt and improve my todoist setup and this year has been no different and.

So in this week’s episode it is time to reveal my latest setup and once again as I can assure you that next year in March I will reveal my latest setup but for now we’re going to focus on how things are set up right now before we get straight into to do it so before we get into.

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Channel yet please subscribe okay let’s get straight into my setup and I’ll show you how everything is set up okay the first thing you’re going to notice if you’ve been following me for a while is that I am no longer using dark mode doubt mode was nice for a little while for a change but it never quite.

We’d never quite sat comfortably for me I’m used to this having a setup with the nice white background and for some reason I always return to the todoist red as well so maybe I’m boring but anyway I have moved away from dark mode it was fun for a while but the.

Novelty very quickly wore off for me that’s just my own preferences maybe you will be different now okay let’s have a look and see how things have changed well the biggest thing that’s changed was in the introduction of pinned favorites now pinned favorites men that I have been able to create my.

Own workflow just from this particular place and what I’ve found since I’ve been using this workflow I very very rarely need to go into my projects throughout.

The day my labels throughout the day or even my filters throughout the day because everything is already set up for me I.
Know exactly what my objectives are it’s the first place I go.

In the morning as you can see I’ve been a very good boy I’m recording this in the afternoon and all my objectives for today.

Are now complete my today’s focus is essentially where I spend most of my time and now we’re coming towards the end of the day I only have a few things left to do and these are all gonna get done before I finish the day so it’s actually a wonderful wonderful system now next actions is the very next action in all my projects.

Or as I will explain in a moment what I’ve also been doing is moving to areas of focus but these are the very very next actions that.

Have to happen but are not time-sensitive or anything like that these are just.

Within my existing projects and simply because this is my real todoist account this week I don’t particularly want to go in there and show you all my little secrets that I have planned for.

Later this year moving on I have my golden 10 which I didn’t actually put into the video.

That I covered when I did cover my pinned searches or favorite pinned favorites my golden 10 essentially is the tasks that I have to complete tomorrow so I still have two days in here this is just a filter but these are the four things or eight at the moment but these will be finished.

Now as you can see on here they tomorrow is a Saturday and I’m working on updating my think if ik Learning Center so.

That’s something that’s a continuous thing for this week Saturday evening is a more of a gentle relax the evening for me so I’ve got some more research and reading things in here so have a look at the for our blog for language learning tips because there’s some apparently very good stuff in.

There I always clean the back of the TV and math is the name of my computer every Saturday afternoon that’s a routine and.
For those of you who know who Fred Rogers is or mr.
Rogers as everyone called him there’s a documentary that I actually want to watch and it’s on.

The I think he’s actually on YouTube now so I shall be watching that also over the weekend but normally this would have now the thing is the reason why I have my golden 10 there and the number my golden 10 is I only allow myself 10 things to do for the next day and this is a filter which if I also have to go into my filters to show you this my golden 10 filter is if you.

Look at this two days and not pee for two days and not pee for what that’s gonna do is show me today but usually when I’m checking my my golden 10 I’ve completed my task for the day so I only have tomorrow’s tasks in there and I make sure there.

Is no more than 10 tasks in there that’s the reason why.

I have that is just the end of the day filter that I go into while we’re in filters I find that these filters now that are kind of legacy filters from previous setups that I’ve had I very very rarely use these are the only filters that I’m using and I’ve got them set up in my pinned favorites so moving on to projects and this has been one of the biggest changes or the second biggest change this year of course I still have my tickler.

File at the top and for those guys before you start leaving comments about my tickler file yes it’s a legacy from my getting.

Things done physical folder system I’ve always had a tickler file it’s been a tickler file I’ve had for over.

No you don’t need one it’s just something that I picked up from the getting things done book I used it in a physical format and I do like to use it in a digital format and all it is is little things that are reminders for me to do they’re not urgent they’re not project.

Not career changing or life changing they’re just little reminders that I want to come up as and when as in here my favorite band above and beyond first in November every first of every month I had to check.

To see if they’re coming to Korea other things do go in there sometimes like order new t-shirts or whatever but for now I’m in a quiet stage of the.

Year so there’s nothing else in there.

Other than that but usually they’ll have.

Three or four things and they’re just little reminders yes I could put them somewhere else I know but I like them there Oh every time I mention my tickler file people always leave comments about why do you have one it’s not necessary well maybe it’s not necessary to you but I like it it works for me and that’s all that matters okay moving on I’ve had my runt I do apologize I’ve got in here my work projects now what.

You’ll notice is my work project has completely.

Emptied except for my time and life mastery book that I’m working on what I’ve also done now is I also do what do I.

Want why do I want to do it and how will I do it I’ve created this in most of all my projects and I got this from Tony Robbins ease oppa system which is outcome purpose and outcome purpose.

And actions and essentially that I’ve just basically created that I like to see that there particularly when I’m not feeling very motivated i juice it up as Tony Robbins likes to call it like particularly the way this book will establish me as a leader in the field of self-development and productivity because that is what I want to be I’ve got a spelling error there I.

Want to be the next Tony Robbins and Brian Tracy this is my purpose and so this is in here to remind me just in case I need that little extra motivation actually very rarely do I need that motivation and in here I actually keep all the things that I’m working on to do with the book that’s the.

Only project I have in there what I’ve done is essentially I’ve moved all my projects out and I’ve created areas of focus now here I’ve got CPP which is essentially my professional side or FES is the other company that I have so teacher mentor writer speaker online courses podcast YouTube social media marketing sales and website these are areas of focus related to my professional life and I decided that this is a much better place now the thing is I also use the Tony Robbins oppa system here what why.

How is in this case I’ve created here this needs tidying up and I will do that over the next three months I want to you know what am i doing it for what what do I want why am i doing it and how am I going to do it and I.

Four actually all of my areas of focus it’s just a great way to actually keep yourself focused in on what you want to do and why you want to do it now going to my FES.

Here now I haven’t done it here because FES is my language business and there’s not much else I need to put in there there’s.

Only this one area which is Student Affairs and this.

Just gives me a little bit of updates for things that I need to be reminders you can see all of these actually have dates because these are related to rescheduling and new students who want to start and this has been the biggest area I also have like my personal area so object is health and fitness financial the Range Rover Valera is the car.

That I still haven’t bought yet I know it’s overdue but personal circumstances related to my wife going off to learn to do her master’s degree means I do it we don’t need the car just yet it would just be parked outside I would never be using it so there’s no point in actually creating it so these are all the things that I have relate to my personal life and.

So I have professional and personal all in areas of focus so what essentially has happened over the year I don’t work in a project-based environment and I realized that over the.

Summer so I’ve moved more of my working life into my areas of focus I find that has worked much better for me now I’m not suggesting for one minute that.

Everyone should go into an areas of focus organization it really does depend on the kind of work that you do if your work is project-based then of course.

You probably best setting everything up via.

Project but my life isn’t really that much of a project base you know creating these videos I don’t treat each week as a new project it’s just an ongoing thing my youtube channel is something I enjoy getting videos for I love the process and it’s just an area of focus so I created an area of focus my routines is there because I like to separate my.

Routines that has not changed daily weekly monthly and weekly review all that has been the same as it was last time maybe some of my routines have.

Changed a little bit because some have become obsolete or I’ve got new ones but essentially my routines are there and I’ve moved that down to the bottom of the list now because I don’t really need to check that because that’s just going to come up in my daily list when I need to see it and of course some day maybe is always there so essentially.

The biggest change for me has been in how I’m managing my projects or the work-related I’m moving away and I probably March next year when I give you an update on how my setup is I will probably you will probably find that I am completely areas of focus I am certainly moving in that direction I’m not quite totally areas of.

Focus just yet but I am certainly getting into that area now.

I do like it it really works very very well for me and the way I work remember this has to work for the way you work I wouldn’t suggest necessary that you copy me my system might not work for you but I just want to throw some ideas out there for you to see how your to give you some ideas so you can get better organized and more productive but essentially the biggest changes have been in that area and also how I’m using the pinned searches.

It’s just it’s a to me it was just a genius addition by the guys at to do it because it’s now allowed.

Me very rarely do I need to move into my.

Projects labels and filters I do so when.

I do a weekly review but all I’m doing is starting at the top moving into their next actions is usually for my planning if I have time at the end of the day.

And my golden 10 is where I do the final daily review is part of my golden 10 to make sure I have no.

More than 10 tasks set up for the next day and that essentially is how I’m organizing my to-do is now a lot more complex then Francesco’s if you watch the video from last week that Francesco did for working with productivity but for me to do it is my manager during the day if you like and as I say I spend most of my.

Day in today’s focus he’s only at the end of the day when I move into today which will then give me the task remaining and they’re just usually admin tasks at the end of the.

Day okay well thank you very much.

For sitting through this or sanding through this episode I know it’s quite long but I really wanted to give you the big update on how I have changed my to-do list over the year I just remains for me now to wish you all a very very productive week thank you for watching this video if you liked what you saw and you would like to learn more about becoming.

Better organized and more productive then get yourself enrolled.

In my free beginner’s guide to building your own productivity system and if you’d like to learn more about how I can help you then visit my website at Cal Poly in calm all the details are in the show notes below.


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