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There’s a body of water from which the cry of distress comes more often for a square mile than any other body of water in the world it is not the devil see off Japan the tumultuous waters at Cape Horn nor the deadly calm of the Sargasso Sea it is an area where the search and rescue capabilities have no.
Equal not the Bermuda Triangle but another triangle a triangle.

Formed by the Great Lakes locked in the heart of industrial North America to offer me the tract search and rescue units of Canada and the United States come back empty-handed a ship or a.

Plane vanished for no apparent reason or destroyed by forces no one can explain an extraordinary statistic has.

Been recently disclosed fully one-third of all the unsolved American air and sea disasters take place in the Great Lakes triangle this series presents information based in part on theory and conjecture the.

Producers purpose is to suggest some possible explanation but not necessarily the only ones to the mysteries we will examine the man who has accumulated and assessed the data that has led him to designate the Great Lakes as perhaps the greatest disaster area in the world is Jay Leland Gourley.

J Goulet is not only an experienced author and journalist is also a highly qualified professional flying instructor I’ve flown thousands of miles through the Bermuda Triangle and I’ve been out of radio contact with anyone there for.

As much as an hour at a time it’s much easier to understand how someone could disappear in a vast expanse of ocean like that than here where you can see.

Canada off our right wing tip in the United States of our left wing tip I can over fly this lake in less than 10 minutes no one is ever out of radio contact here we can communicate with at least a hundred different government employees and the United States and Canada right now it’s inconceivable that anyone can.

Disappear here and yet disappear they do and under circumstances of mystery 50 mile an hour headwinds that no one else feels dangers that come so suddenly the victim never even cries for help.

In terms of the sheer magnitude of tragedy Gurule has discovered that the Great Lakes surpassed the so-called Bermuda Triangle and the Bermuda.

Triangle covers some 1 and a half million square miles 16 times the size of the five Great Lakes combined these are not strange remote waters or vast stretches of ocean these are completely enclosed freshwater pools the playground of middle America on the shores of.

The Great Lakes stand the great American cities of Chicago Detroit Buffalo and Cleveland piercing the sky over Toronto on the shores of Lake Ontario the highest man-made structure in the world the CN tower stands as the ultimate pinnacle of highly sophisticated communications technology traffic controllers urged pilots flying the lakes to report continuously to ground stations.

A 10 second lapse will launch full-scale search and rescue.

And yet the fact remains that there is high incidence of inexplicable disaster J Gore lay assiduously follows up any clue any lead which may shed light on the mysterious tragedies he is pursued high government officials in Washington and Ottawa interviewed the men on the spot the highly skilled search team is operated by the police and the Coast Guard’s of two nations he has spent days at the.

Marinas to discuss the weather peculiarities with yachtsman whose lives depend on their knowledge he has fed his voluminous documentation gathered over two years into the highly sophisticated computer banks and such electronics.
Nerve centers as the University of Toronto.

Searching for patterns searching for correlations searching for explanations that’s the accident I was telling you about just off Milwaukee that aircraft was that injury at altitudes it was talking to air traffic control it was a clear day very calm aircraft disappeared from radar from an altitude of about 5,000 feet no trace of.
That airplane or anyone aboard it has ever been found in this day.

And finally not dry data but flesh-and-blood eyewitnesses who survived to describe their bewilderment such a man is Robert joy jr. of Michigan a policeman a pilot and a professor of criminology on April 23rd 1973 Bob watched his father vanish his father was flying a safe well-equipped amphibious aircraft between this airplane and the airplane your father disappeared in no it’s exactly.

The same time here Bob joy was in another play in a few hundred feet away they were over shallow Lake Erie the water was not rough.

There was no cry for help and I couldn’t understand what he said the frequency that we were on was a one twenty two point eight the unit on frequency it’s very congested so I looked back out the right side of.

The airplane and I didn’t see the lake amphibian or Dolly it had been there right along through the whole.

Trip no see no trace of the lake amphibian was ever found the disappearances of small aircraft are hard enough to explain the strange disasters of the great Laker boats are perhaps even more mystifying these are ships that are built for Lakes never far from shore massively equipped with every conceivable safety and.
Communications device when the Edmund Fitzgerald.

Was launched it was the largest of the Great Lake or boats when she sailed from Duluth Minnesota on November 9th 1975 she too was sailing safely in.

Tandem with another Laker the Arthur M Anderson they easily weathered a mild storm but to be safe the Fitzgerald checked her speed to close the distance between her and the Anderson a snow flurry obscured their view briefly but the radar told the Anderson that the Fitzgerald was less than nine.

Miles ahead when the flurry lifted the Andersen could see for twenty miles but there was no Fitzgerald she’d gone with a sudden compulsion.

To the bottom with all hands when the wreckage was found it was discovered that every light boat was still securely fastened begin your thing about that accident is that for three hours at least given Fitzgerald was slowly filling up with water we know that now even though no one on board the Fitzgerald knew it at the time what’s really strange about this accident is that no one did know that no one put on life jackets.

No one told for distress in fact up until about one minute before the Fitzgerald finally went under the waters the first Bend the Fitzgerald was saying that the ship was alright they were having no problem at one of the Kamloops and the strange events of December 7th 1927 the Kamloops two had plotted.

A cautious course entering Lake Superior in tandem with the freighter quay dock.

In the late afternoon the men on the.

Quay dock sighted rocks ahead and swerved successfully to starboard to avoid them the Kamloops was following and.

The quay docks action but the Kamloops sailed on despite frantic warning blasts from the quay docks great steam whistle she was not seen again it was presumed she was dashed on the rocks of Isle Royale but there.

Was no wreckage no bodies no evidence whatsoever that the at ever-existing J Gulas search into the strange history of the lakes let him back into the exhaustive records and preserved evidence of.

Great Lakes shipping kept at the marine museum on Toronto’s waterfront though contemporary events first aroused my interest in this region research quickly led me into these records of the 18th and 19th century we know for example that the first commercial vessel to sail on the Great Lakes the Griffon and all aboard her vanished on her maiden voyage from relics like these.

We know precisely what has caused most shipping accidents but this is not always true in the Great Lakes often evidence is contradictory other times evidence is totally non-existent there is for example an exquisite ship’s figurehead found adrift but there is no record of any ship ever carrying this figurehead during the.

Winter of 1902 divers searched unsuccessfully for the wreckage of the Bannockburn they were not surprised because they could not believe that she had sunk she was last spotted by a passing ship she was pointed out by the skipper to his mate but when the mate turned his head to look at the proud vessel the bannockburn was gone.

From time to time over the years she has been reported sailing on over the lakes and then they were the wrecks that were only too painfully evident but the phenomenon that destroyed them vanished as suddenly as it came the Layfield the James II.

Davidson the he boo thus akin all preceding through relatively calm waters when a single gigantic wave struck them down a mountain of boiling water rising for one tumultuously meteorologists call them a sash wave but cannot explain them they were first recorded in the Great Lakes in 1872 they are not caused by wind the bizarre events of the lakes go back beyond the first records of the white.

Man the so called sash wave is part of a legend of a Chippewa Indians of Lake Superior they still speak of Nanna Boswell’s sturgeon a monster fish that with a flick of his tail was said to destroy the mightiest.

Vessel Indian legend is connected to another extraordinary case history the ship was called the wahoo no an Algonquin name for black magician on November 20th 1879 a doctor’s wife claims she had a vision of the ship’s destruction it was assumed she was hysterical the wreckage was found in Lake Huron battered by some tremendous force but not a single body was ever recovered but the growing legend of the lakes is not only.


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