Ancient Mysteries: Origin Of The Vampire

Darkness and death have long been the cornerstones of humankind’s greatest fears from the recesses of our deepest terror we conjure images which at once haunt us and tantalize us it is here that we find the vampire Prince of Darkness an immortal monster that preys on the living and survives by drinking the lifeblood of innocence an image both threatening.

And strangely alluring vampires have become one of our most enduring romantic fictions yet perhaps more chilling the fictional vampire is rooted in a grim reality shrouded in the superstitions of.
Ages past the vampire legend grew out of actual.

Incidents and horrifying encounters with death than the unknown what dark truth lay behind such widespread common experience with vampires for there is no doubt that.

To the people of the 17th century vampires were real volunteer three coal acts Nosferatu government as well Strigoi Berthe vampire myths and legends from cultures the world over echo the name of creatures risen from the dead to prey on the living but rarely have they been more real or frightening than in.

Eastern Europe 300 years ago in Europe of the 17th century the secrets of nature were only first being uncovered by science superstition was still a way of life it was in this period while smoke from the Inquisition and its which on still hung heavily in the air that the vampire we recognized was first encountered Hungary Moravia Silesia and Poland are the principal theater of these happenings for here we are told that dead men men.

Who have been dead for several months I.

Say returned from the tomb or heard to speak walk about the infest Hamlet’s and villages injured both men and animals whose.

Blood they drain thereby making them sick and ill and at length actually causing death the name given to these ghosts is appears or vampires which in the.

Bloodsucker Dom Augustine come a 1746 accounts like this exist throughout Europe written not by authors of fiction but by priests doctors and government officials they investigated and scrupulous ly recorded accounts of what were believed to be real vampires.

One startling report came from Ed Begley a serbia in 1732 over a period of three months 17 villagers reportedly died of vampire attacks this strain of vampires was traced to the late Arno da ol who rumour hild had.

Been attacked by a vampire years before in Turkey in order to end this evil they dug up this on low payroll 40 days after his death and they found that he was quite complete and undecayed fresh.

Blood had flowed from his eyes nose mouth and ears and the shirt the covering and the coffin were completely bloody the old nails on his hands and feet along with the skin had fallen off and new ones had grown and since they saw from this that he was a true vampire they drove a stake through his heart according to their custom whereby he gave an audible groan and blend copiously.

Johannes fucking regiment medical officer Serbia 1732 due to the infectious nature of vampirism all of the victims were also destroyed the threat of the vampire was temporarily ended yet this pattern of sickness and death would repeat itself for generations it was a time of religious fervour and superstition the unexplainable was seen as the work of evil when a village was visited by bizarre sickness or death it was often judged to be the work of a vampire feeling their mortal.

Souls threatened the living prepared for a battle with the dead a battle that the living did not always win death the imminent confrontation of mortality has through the ages.

Been the source of our deepest fears and superstitions the vampire we know today is an elegant creation of fiction that bears little resemblance.

Frightening vampire found in history and folklore the vampire of folklore was not an aristocratic stranger it was a husband a daughter a neighbor someone who had died and been buried and then returned from the grave to bring death to those that had known in life he appears with the actual face and in the likeness of the date stalking abroad up and down the streets and presently.

He will parade the country roads and fields he bursts his way into men’s houses feeling many with awful fear leaving others done with horror whilst others are even killed he precedes.
Two acts of violence and blood and strikes terror into every heart father.

Francois we shall 16:57 in fiction the bite of the vampire causes the victim.

To transform after death folklore – held that the bike was enough to infect the victim but the chest area.

Over the heart was almost always the vampires target an in folklore there are many other ways murderers alcoholics criminals bodies buried improperly are not buried at.

All those who died unnaturally by violence suicide drowning stroke or disease were all at particular risk there were thousands of vampires encountered in.

Europe they were judged by the peculiar circumstances of their births their lives or their deaths but the single factor that bound all vampires was the ability to kill by draining the life blood or the life essence of their victims the vampire has been a topic of special interest.

To author and historian Raymond McNally the blood connection is extremely important in any understanding of vampires the Bible says the blood is the life the blood is the life when the blood went out of somebody the life helped out as the blood went out of you so primitive humans made a simple Association ha if life goes out when blood goes out therefore blood must be the source of life.

Itself so what if you could make the blood flow back in AHA by drinking the blood of its victims the vampire was able to obtain a kind of curse immortality they appear from midday to.

Midnight and come to drink the blood of living people and animals in such great abundance that sometimes it comes out of their mouths their noses and especially their ears sometimes the body swims in the blood which is spilled out into its coffin this revenue or vampire comes out of the tomb and goes about.

At night violently attacking and seizing its friends and relatives and sucking their blood until they are weakened and exhausted and finally causes their death Mercure Geller 1693 such was the Menace of the vampire that whenever possible precautions were taken.


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