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Subscribe and click the notification bell to never miss another fear-inducing video thank you this video was inspired by a post made by immature user mr. macabre humans have been taking photos since 1826 though 200 years isn’t very long compared to the history of our planet you’ll soon see it was plenty of time to capture some of the most.

Terrifying moments in human history these are 10 photos with disturbing backstories number 1 this photo.

Shows a Haggard decrepit woman that is barely more than bone her skin seems shrink-wrapped to her skeleton giving her form an angular appearance the word which may even.

Come to mind but this photo story.

Is a tragic one the person you see here is Blanche Meunier she was.

And the terrible human being known as her mother was not happy with her choice of husband when Blanche was 25 her mother locked her away.

Trapping her in a tiny room in her attic and for 25 more years Blanche remained a prisoner of her own mother when she was finally found and rescued the man she loved had already passed away it is a true and tragic love story one that seemed more like a modern-day horror film number two what may seem to be an innocent surprise photo of a man in the shower is something.

Far more haunting and once you know the story here the expression on this man’s face will be revealed as one of horror this man is Travis Alexander another victim of someone who was supposed.

To love them in 2008 Travis was dating a woman by the name of Jodi arias in fact this photo was taken by Jodi only seconds before she took a knife.

To Travis’s throat as you can see in.

This picture Travis may have realized but he was looking into the eyes of the one who would take his life he is not surprised here as much as he is scared for his life number three the girl pictured here seems to be in trouble but the person taking the photos seems so close yet so far surely she was saved right well this is Oh Myra Sanchez Garzon a 13 year old Colombian girl in this photo she is seen trapped in pinned by the debris of her own home after it collapsed.

Around her due to a volcanic eruption this poor girl endured three painful days in the.

Water but passed away due to as experts believe either gangrene or hypothermia as you can see from her shriveled and pruned hands her passing was not a pleasant one nature is a devastating force and even when there are others nearby sometimes nothing can be done number four in 2012 in a New York subway a struggle ensued between a 30 year old named Davis and 58 year old Kia sukham passers-by ignored the escalating situation and tried to go about.

Their daily routines but in a.

Dire split-second name had pushed mr.
Hahn who fell over the edge and on to the subway tracks as he desperately tried to climb back up it was too late there was an oncoming subway train heading right towards him this once-in-a-lifetime picture was taken only moments before Hahn lost his life to the oncoming train it is deeply disturbing to see the final moments of a man’s demise and to witness the inevitability of his fate named Davis was later acquitted on all.

Charges number five World War two birth violence so gruesome it will.


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