Top 10 Scary Events Caught On Tape – Unbelievable Mysterious Events That Make You Shocked

CCTV cameras are meant to monitor crime and protect property owners by identifying suspects or tracking their movements this sort of coverage makes it easier to find and prosecute criminals as a side effect these cameras are typically always on capturing every one of life’s moments so that when something extraordinary does happen it’s easy to catch it on camera lots.

Of bizarre and freaky things happen on camera so here are top 10 scariest caught on tape before we begin make sure you hit that subscribe button to get notified every day.

For more amazing content crocodile attack this video was taken at a location in Rio Tarcoles Costa Rica known as the crocodile bridge a photographer named Antonio is busy snapping away shots.

Of the local wildlife totally unaware of the partially submerged threat that’s growing dangerously close to striking distance moments later the massive beast lunges out of the water and makes.

A grab for its prey look closely and.

You’ll see that whoever threw a piece of food at the last moment probably saved Antonio’s life this.

Throw seems to be what got Antonio to turn around and get away in time everyone rushes to the top of the embankment where they know it is safe meanwhile the crocodiles hungrily eye them below always ready for their next meal man kidnapped baby from mother’s arms cartels often lose children and infants as drug mules for their smuggling activity oftentimes the schemes end the child carving them.

Open removing their organs and filling their body with the drugs because it makes it easier for them that might have.

Been the motivation behind this attack in which a young mother nearly has her baby stolen from her by an unknown male a woman holding.

Her three-month-old baby had just gotten off a bus when the suspect followed and attacked her screaming eventually caused the attacker to flee someone chases her in this video a girl is sure that she.

Is being followed so she is taking this video for two reasons one she wants to be able to look behind her without seeming suspicious and – she wants to.

Identify her attacker on video in case anything happens you can only see him for a split second here but a man in a.

Blue shirt is seen walking in her direction another tense moment passes before she decides to sprint down an alleyway to safety she looks down the alleyway for a long time fully expecting the man’s form to fill up the entrance at any moment when he doesn’t appear she knows that she is safe and walks away shaken but luckily got away safely creepy creature and forest this man is wandering around the vast forests of Michigan when he sees something squatting low in the shrubbery not too far ahead he.

And still isn’t able to make out much detail it looks to be short and round possibly covered in black fur we thought it might even be a rock or something but if you look closely.
You’ll see it take one step forward it’s definitely alive listen for.

Think the crunch of leaves as it moves the slight movement sends the curious kid running out of the woods for his life my question is what on earth could this.

Creature be the only native species I can think of is maybe a baby black bear but.


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