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Hey everyone welcome to mountain beast mysteries today I wanted to talk about Sasquatch feeding sign and essentially what that is is sign or indicators that sasquatch have been in an area feeding you know looking for food John bender Nagel talked about it a bit in his book and he has a really cool case that he wrote about and.

There’s some images as well took place in the Mount Hood National Forest in Oregon back in 1967 and I’ll just read that.

Passage for you guys from his book here it says in October 1967 Glenn Thomas who had been supervising the construction of a forestry Road in the area had taken a break and walked up a trail through the forest arriving at the edge of a rock covered clearing he observed two adults a squatches accompanied by a juvenile digging in the rocks.

The adult sasquatches were picking up the rocks sniffing them then replacing them but the rocks were not returned to their original location rather they were piled in short stacks the largest Sasquatch apparently a male appeared to detect an odor on one of the rocks that had picked up after sniffing it the Sasquatch began to dig a deep pit in the rocks with his hands and arms eventually it used its.

From the pit handfuls of nesting material composed of tried vegetation from which all three sasquatches extracted and ate whole a number of hibernating ground squirrels when.

The sasquatches noticed Thomas they abandoned their feeding activity and quickly moved away across the rocks and into the forest Thomas concluded that it was the sniffing of rocks which had led to the discovery of a ground squirrel hibernation site so according to this the Sasquatch will sniff the rocks.

And use you know that scent to determine where the ground squirrels are hibernating and so they know which rocks they’ve already sniffed they put him in piles you know the problem with this is that.

Throughout the forests of North America and you know many other parts of the world humans love to stack rocks you know we like to build Cairns we think it’s cool and artsy and I don’t know you know I’ve hiked up.

Many many mountains and at the tops of these mountains I found multiple like rock Cairns that I guarantee you were made by people however you know I it’s something I haven’t thought about you know when I’m.

Out hiking I don’t usually think that it’s a sasquatch sign you know if I see a rock Karen I automatically think it’s made by people to me it’s a sign of people but you know it hasn’t crossed my mind maybe I’ve seen a rock pile that you know I kind of brushed off as being human made and it was made by.

A sasquatch I don’t know it’s very interesting the the thing with this story is that the gentleman Glenn Thomas actually you know well.

Claims to have observed the Sasquatch doing it that’s the interesting thing you know it’s one thing to speculate that they’re stacking these rocks.

But to actually see them as another story another interesting thing when I was talking to Ken Walker a while back when I was making the expedition Sasquatch to video he told me.

That if you’re in the Nordic area like along the Cardinal River close to the Alberta habituation site there if you see rock piles along that River it means there’s Sasquatch in the area it means they’re close by and if you go there and there’s no rock piles if the rock piles are down.

They’re gone so you know that’s kind of an interesting thing you know sometimes the rock piles will be there sometimes they won’t.

Be I’ve never observed this so I don’t know you know.

The legitimacy of it but it might be worth trekking along the Cardinal River you know to try and locate rock piles have you guys ever found any weird rock piles out in the wilderness I mean we know Sasquatch apparently like to throw rocks they like to use it as a way to deter people from you know when we think of Sasquatch sign.

We usually think of tree structures tree breaks tree twists you know footprints things of that nature the Rockpile thing is really hard to distinguish from like human-made rock piles because it’s something that humans have been doing since you know we could figure out how to use our hands if there are Sasquatch at there I don’t see why they wouldn’t use rock piles to you know mark things mark certain territory maybe mark trails you know I don’t know it’s just an interesting anecdote.
That I thought I would share with you guys.

Another thing I wanted to say is I got a hold of a virtual reality headset for a few days here my.

Girlfriend brought it home from work and she uses it at work – she’s a recreation therapist and she runs a day program for seniors and they use the virtual reality set to allow them to have experiences that they wouldn’t normally be able to have in their normal lives you know cuz.

They can’t really travel anywhere so I’ve been using the Google Earth VR thing and I’ve been kind of looking around the Nordic area and it’s cool.

On ground level basically in the locations that I want to explore it kind of gives me a sense of the topography and it allows you to like plan your routes in.

That’s way cooler than just doing it on like a normal computer screen I know it’s not totally accurate and it has its flaws but it’s a really cool way to just scout out certain areas you know check the terrain see if it’s possible to hiking in certain areas I think it would be a handy tool to have on the regular the weird thing is though.

Be like when I wear this virtual reality headset especially like there’s some games on it on this computer we have here and when I use it and I play those games I its cares me.

Because I can see myself if I owned a virtual reality headset I can see myself getting addicted to it like I’ll put this thing on and I’ll start like using the Google Earth thing or I’ll put on a game and then you know before I know what hours have gone by that’s like crazy it’s like the holodeck on Star Trek you know we’re not that far away from being in a in the matrix I think but anyway is very interesting it’s very it’s cool.

Though it’s cool technology but I think you know you have to be really careful if you own a virtual reality headset because you get sucked right in and using this headset here I was thinking I’d roans they have the the DJI headset so when you’re flying your drone you can.


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