Mystery Of Ancient Egypt | The Mystery Schools And The Great Work (part 1)

People here nobody is I just want to read a real quick little saying that remember the audience told me about this is from Solzhenitsyn and this is one of the reasons I think we’re all here we kind of have to remind ourselves why we’re doing this he says and how we burned in the cab inflator thinking what would.

Things have been like if every security applet of when he went out at night to make an arrest had been uncertain.

Whether he would return alive and had to say goodbye to his family or during periods of mass arrest as for example in Leningrad when they arrested a corner of the entire city people had not simply sat there in their layers.

Paling with terror had every bang on the downstairs door and every step on the stair case that understood that they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall and ambush of half a dozen people with axes hammers pokers wherever else was on him after all you knew ahead of time.

With those blue caps were out at night for no good purpose if if but we didn’t love freedom enough that’s what makes this country great it’s not diversity its freedom you sure know how to make me feel very humble thank you so much I think one of the biggest misconceptions in this country is what this country is all about who founded it for what purpose and most specifically what it is that we’re all looking for.

I’m going to try to clarify some of those and in doing it as always happen someone’s going to be angry with my definition of some of these things I’ve traveled all over the country I’ve talked to probably hundreds of thousands of people.

Individually over a lot of years I’ve broadcast a radio show that brings me thousands of letters every week I administer the world’s.

And most successful civilian intelligence gathering operation in the world which makes me privy to an awful lot of.

Information that none of you will ever see and there’s so much of it I can never present it in a form that you would be able to look at it and digest it so that puts a pretty big burden on me and the people who work with me in the intelligence service and in the cagy News Service in order to digest this information analyze it and be able to present to you what we believe and this is a.

Subjective judgement what you can digest and what you need to know at that particular time and in doing this by jesting all this information reading all of these letters from people of every kind of background that you can imagine every race every religion every kind of agenda believe me there’s an awful lot of agendas going on in this country that are dangerous to American being promoted by people who claim to.

Be Americans and claimed to be Patriots and who claim to be doing the best for this country including those who want to destroy it bring about a one-world totalitarian socialist government they sincerely believe in their heart they’re doing the right thing for humankind.

You see nobody gets up in the morning and sets out to do evil nobody consciously does that I’ve never met any person in my entire life who said I’m evil I’m going to do evil things I like to do evil things I want.

To do evil things they don’t exist in my knowledge it may exist somewhere people like Jeffrey Dahmer and I believe that even Jeffrey Dahmer probably rationalized what he was doing in his own mind to make it right isn’t that the way we all do things even if we do something wrong we know we’re doing something wrong don’t we attempt to rationalize it in our own mind and to our friends to justify what we’re doing so I believe it’s a great fallacy.

To set out to brand those whom we disagree with as being evil people the result of their actions we may perceive to be evil we may perceive to be bad but I guarantee of those people don’t see it that way and when we present ourselves to them in that light we’re good and they’re evil do.

You think we have a chance of getting them to listen to us not on your life it’s not going to happen so I think we have to change the way we talk we have to talk to them in a different manner now don’t.

Take what I’m going to tell you standing up here today and compare it to what I say on the radio and expect the two to concur because when I’m here I’m.

Just bill Cooper I’m talking to you from my heart when I’m on the radio I am on a mission and that mission is to slap people upside the head and wake.

Them up and even make them hate me if that’s what it takes to get them to go examine what I’m telling them to find out that it’s right you see I don’t care how it’s done as long as they wake up if I have to be the bad guy that they’re going to hate for the rest of their life that’s ok with me if I wake them up when I’m here talking like this that’s not my mission because you’re awake already or you wouldn’t be here you see there’s a.

Difference between the people here and the people that I’m talking to over those airwaves big difference the awful lot of you are steady listeners of the hour of the time and have been probably from many years and when I’m talking on the radio I know whom you are.

And I’m not talking to you and I know that when you’re listening and I talked about the sheeple the stupid cheapo it doesn’t make you angry you know why because you know you’re not stupid sheeple don’t you the person that gets angry.

Verified that I was right because he wouldn’t get angry if you didn’t know in his heart that he’s a stupid sheeple you’re gonna walking down the street somebody comes running out says bank robber bank robbers stop that bank robber do you start running why don’t you start running because you’re not the bank robber right you get angry no you pay attention most of the time if you’re from a big city chances are you look around right after from small town where I met I mean people will come running.
Out in the street to see the bank robber because small town.

And not much excitement goes on there unless the IRS comes to mess with me what I’m going to talk to you about today comes from my heart from my experience in life from playing this role as messenger which I take very seriously from my efforts to wake up.
The American people from my family and all the letters.

That I get people that I talk to just.

Like I’ve talked to many of you here today.

I’ve learned some things and I think these things need to be passed on to you and I think you need to start examining yourself your agenda your mission well you whether you about what do you believe about America is it true are you helping to divide us more are you helping to bring us.

Together do you really understand that this country is all about I know this is going to make some of you angry that’s okay I know that it’s going to open some doors for some of you I hope that will bring us all a little bit closer together and I hope that everybody wants you.

Even examined your own particular agenda we’ll try to make it fit better into what we should really be doing and I’m going to start off way back in history folks because that’s really.

Where I began a human race was young in the whole scope of the life of the of the earth were just a young species really haven’t been around for a long time compared to everything else that’s in this world and I’m not talking about biblical years and I’m not talking about theory of evolution years I’m.

Talking about for the time when you can see that man emerged on the historical scale of this.

World and began to affect other species and the world that we live in and himself by perfecting the ability to think first.
Original thought see they used to be.

A time in history when man was just like all the other animals he didn’t think he didn’t.

Know good from evil he existed lived by instinct just like the other elements did if you want to believe the record that we can look back and see.

Written in stone okay if you want to believe that there were creatures that ultimately became this thinking man that you see.

Standing up here in front of you and sitting out there amongst you didn’t have this ability now if you doubt.

That read genesis in the bible and you’ll see that it’s confirmed there wasn’t there time Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden they were not to think they did not know good from evil they were just there to take care of the garden is that correct so this concept of the.

Biblical concept agree man just enjoyed what God had put there and sort of took care of the garden any dentist will tell you that our mouth was not made for eating meat so ancient man must probably ate vegetables and nuts and things like that roots doesn’t mean that I’m telling you to become a vegetarian because I’m not.

You see I really believe in freedom believe you should eat whatever you feel like eating let.

Your business but that’s known to people who study these things as the.

Age of innocence something happened that brought men out of that state and if you’re talking from the biblical reference out of the Garden.

Of Eden and into the world he wasn’t innocent anymore he understood that he was naked and his partner was naked he could think he could look around he knew when something was good and when it was bad just as we all do here when somebody comes up to me and says well how do we know which is the right way to go I know that person is setting me up to justify his bad deeds and I won’t do it you always know we always know which is.

The right way and which is the bad way.


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