Marshland Mysteries: The True Story Of The Savannah Riverboat Casino Robbery!

Did his best to dismiss it from the shame of his mind Vivian let out a short harsh laugh oh yes you’re quite the detective aren’t you recognizing a face off a billboard perhaps I’ve made poor judgment and coming here not just billboard.

Anymore from what I heard on the news you’ve landed a big movie gig Savannah’s own star the.

Silver screen you are Garbo had removed his feet from the desk and was now sitting somewhat straighter in the chair must be exciting all that Hollywood come to town all that.

New money oh so we have stumbled onto something you know I hoped we would get there eventually.

Vivian turned for the first time seemed to fully take in the man sitting at the desk darting over and around him with her eyes doe Garbo was average sized maybe even a little on the.

Thin side with muscles that he knew existed but rarely trained in any other sense other than at the moment he was sporting.

Shoulder-length swept-back brown hair in a thick brown mustache over three or four days of stubble.

There were empty beer bottles on the table behind his desk and at least it doesn’t spend cigarette butts in the ashtray yeah noticeable crescent-shaped scar on the right side of his chin equidistant from.

His jaw in his earlobe especially visible through the stubble his hands were somewhat large but his wrist seems slightly feminine as if they were too small for his body when he gestured with them that gave his hands and almost animated quality he was wearing a white colored shirt a button-up what seemed to be.

Blue or black jeans underneath the desk there were small bags underneath his eyes but they did not give off the air of an exhaustion.

Overall he gave off an appearance of weary but generally good-natured there was nothing.

Of the hardness that Vivian had expected of the arrogance of course but she encountered arrogance in every corner of her life men themselves were the ultimate arrogance going so far as to create a god and then tell themselves that he had pointed.

Them as leaders of humanity she pushed these thoughts from her mind and focused on what lie in front of her the DOE Garbo she asked why did Mickey baylin’s need $80,000 anyway I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about why are you looking for a handout look around here missus potato and I’m sure you.

Can clearly see that if anyone should be asking people for money it’d be the other way around she was testing him and he knew it everybody said it’s later than you look here why don’t you cut the exams short and tell me why you came all the way down to.
The porch when you should just be reading lines or doing a press kit.

Or maybe that’s the other way around Vivian seemed to come to some.

Kind of decision in her head shooing forward resting a palm on the stained wood and stubbed her cigarette out in the glass ashtray her arm brushing up against Garbo’s own bare skin as he did so he could smell her a mix of jasmine and cucumber sharp against his own cigarette stained aura when she withdrew she kept her palm on the table a few brief moments longer than was necessary inviting him to look up her arms and into the curve of her breasts before continuing up and.

Meeting her eyes delle Garbo had to concede to himself that she really was quite pretty so when she raised her finger and said one more in a tone that felt almost condescending he was inclined to let it slide for the anyway he was happy to watch her talk she asked him do you remember the name of the movie that I’ll be starring in Garbo squinted he rarely paid attention to advertisements often choosing to turn the radio off.

Entirely when they came on vaguely in the back recesses of his mind he could picture the black-and-white news broadcast he had viewed from the end of the bar days earlier with something long and irritatingly teasing as if just by hearing.

The words of the title alone would be enough to draw your attention away from anything and everything else the marshland mystery the true Savannah riverboat casino robbery story is that it well look there Vivian said that’s two things you know the third I’ll give you for free I’m going to rob that casino for real she crossed her arms do you want to.

The beautiful movie star carry out her dastardly plan or will he turn her in to the police find out next time on marshland mysteries the true story of the Savannah riverboat casino robbery watch that mystery is copyright 2018.
By filthy and free publishing written by Christopher J tooth on..


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