Marshland Mysteries: The True Story Of The Savannah Riverboat Casino Robbery!

The door opened the full minute before she walked inside though Garbo could picture her standing opposite the frosted and dark tinted glass her shoulders arched her neck bent down deep screwing breaths of courage she didn’t look like she belong there and she knew it which made her nervous flighty God knows how she found the office a whispered synth.

In the ladies room perhaps for the bribing of some local teenage hood rat her fingers worried over the painted but not really gold on the handle of her pocketbook she likely took one last.

Glance behind her into the hot sticky night air that threatened to rain like always before turning to face the choice that she had already made when she left her house that evening the door was open all she had to do was walk inside well it’s a good thing I.

Don’t have a cat Garbo said a cigarette dangling between his teeth but I do have an air-conditioner so could you get that behind you I’m sorry she said.

Quickly turning she was wearing a dark green dress that was just short enough to flare enticingly upwards as she whirled around and.

Closed the frosted glass door Garbo raised his left eyebrow well he said leaning back into the short.

Leather desk chair and placing one foot up on the edge of the table you don’t look like you know your way around the Tuesday evening here is it obvious she laughed but there was no humor in it what is that smell anyway paper mill carbo gestured with his thumb out the window too actually and.

As a sugar refinery plant back there in the mess of it all – he stubbed his cigarette.

Out on the simple blast ashtray on the desk beside him when the.

Poets were first built there was paper headlines that called it smell of success it’s horrid Garbo nodded I’ll therein steep and there’s no real window shoppers I like it quiet he.

Paused and then reached inside the breast pocket of his button-up and removed the silver cigarette-case he opened it and offered one which the woman took him pray softly between her colorless.

Lips he replaced the case in return to the relaxed position in his chair there’s a basket full of match books on the end table by the door provided by the Johnson director Law Offices a Savannah they.

Do civil suits divorces custody Garbo trailed off and waived his right hand around in a non-committal gesture my reference will give you a five percent off and me five percent of your case so.

That’s who I’d recommend a woman looked at the basket briefly and then took the cigarette out of her mouth oh no you don’t wonder where Bo cut her off I don’t understand I know I don’t understand how.

Any left he took the only necklace your grandmother left the family I don’t understand your angry ex-boyfriend who don’t stop calling and I couldn’t possibly understand your daughter has.

Been missing for at least three days but the police think it’s not worth their time because she’s.

Just some scrubby teen all right he played with the sober case again and removed the cigarette for himself lighting it with a small.

Pocket-sized butane torch she produced from his left pocket I don’t understand the way he comes home later than he used to smelling faintly of some other woman’s perfume I don’t understand how you don’t know how this didn’t send it up on your kind how you just needed the money.

And I never ever ever will be able to understand the depths that you had to sink.

In order to forget to put your face on when you left your house this evening so you wouldn’t be recognized by your friends from the book club on your way here the woman stayed still for a moment after dole Garbo’s stop speaking she had been letting him ramble he noticed with some amusement probably on purpose and it was clear.

That she hadn’t heard any other when she spoke again and it was at length Garbo can make out the faintest traces of an accent in her syllables Italian perhaps a European Spanish not American Spanish of which.

He himself was one-quarter in addition to the greek and germanic blood that flowed around inside him her voice was not.

Rushed but did not lack urgency and she enunciated syllables with the precision of a school teacher mr. Garbo I’m sure we could fill an encyclopedia with the things that you don’t know.

And if you thought you could make money off of it I’m also sure that you have already.

Done so in which case if I ever again became interested in the plethora of information that you are lacking I could simply pick one up in the bargain section and peruse it at my leisure.

She leaned forward and placed the cigarette back into her mouth Garbo matched her movements the mini torch.

Already in his hand and she exhaled heavily into the stale air of his office you got a tongue is there a name behind it she met his eyes and held them like eggs in a vice grip for the briefest of moments before looking away in moving subconsciously towards.

The window and the woman smokes she took deep long drags that caused the paper at the ends of her cigarette to hiss and peel away revealing the cherry red lipstick of Ember underneath Miki valence told me to get in contact with you tell Garbo charters set a cover do you.

Really take people fishing out here this here’s the land part Dartmouth said ignoring the name drop but we do have two boats out on Wilmington why you’re looking to catch some Kobe as you don’t.

Seem to spite the angles I’ve also spoken with Derek kick lighter the woman continued ignoring him he spoke very highly of you set to tell you that you were spot-on and with a bit about the papers and that you know.

What that means though Garbo said nothing in response but his mind was now engaged she had done her research at scene but for what purpose again came the waggle of the left eyebrow.

She continued at any rate here you are for what I heard I was expecting something of a larger office I understand though.

I also understand the purpose of putting up a false facade she turned to ash her cigarette in the brass scales.

Sitting near the window and it was then with her face half obscured and darkness the DOE Garbo made the connection Vivian’s potato he felt immediately foolish blinking at the face he had seen hundreds maybe thousands of times over the past few years his brain spun and.

Landed on the justification that it was just one of those things like not being able to see the nose in front of your face he.


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