True Montana Ghost Story – The Centerville Ghost

That the whole thing was a prank there were several theories perhaps the culprit was a spurned lover trying to scare his rival or a buyer trying to clinch a real estate deal.

By who doing the property of a superstitious owner or perhaps it really was the ghost of Thomas Lane come back in search of another shift boss who did him wrong whatever the explanation the ghost succeeded in whitening the hairs.

Of the few to whom he appeared and sent children to bed for once at a decent hour the.

Ghosts likely made no more appearances because the newspaper speculated the shots.

Had scared him off further said the standard it is a safe guest that the ghost will boast of his pranks when the fever has blown.

Over no one claimed responsibility however two decades later the memory of the Centreville ghost was still alive in 1922 those who had been youngsters back in 1901 now had children of their home and they.

Still shivered as they walked past the old streetcar tracks in Centreville given the true panic the ghosts created perhaps reporters were seeking to put the minds of Central’s good citizens at ease by making light of what had been a true haunting regardless of the motivation no one came forward at least not for decades in 1922 a story in the Montana News Association insert a February 13 claimed.

That old-time newsmen silver dick Butler made the whole story up on a slow news day.

Did but in 1930 laundry man Joe Duffy claimed he had planted the story and newsmen took it up by the power of suggestion many people soon claimed sightings of.

The dirt goes duffy claimed that.

Murphy and kool hain were just coming off a drinking binge and what they saw or thought they saw was brought on by alcohol induced hallucinations the guns that they had been given were loaded with blanks in the final.

Newspaper account of the Centreville ghost the paper reported that two men confronted it they asked why it made appearances late at night and what it wanted the.

Dark ghost answered willingly saying that it had had a heavy weight to carry and was burdened with trouble it said that the late hours of the night suited it because that was the quietest time and helped it to contemplate its difficulties it then promised the men that it would appear no more and the citizens of Centerville and Butte could resume their.

Nightly activities without fear this contrived interview differs from other accounts of the ghost and was likely intended to put the.

Minds of citizens at ease in an effort to ward off a more serious panic most people believe that the Centreville.

Ghost was nothing more than a hoax but who can say what really lies at the murky bottom of the Berkley hit buttes infamous lake of liquid as poisonous as.

Battery acid if the dark ghost had earthly remains it could be that they now lie in that toxic graveyard along with remnants of neighborhoods where children once played it would be a fitting grave for a specter that brought terror to the community if that is where the dark ghost ended up the.

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Montana ghost story was the.

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